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The US president wants to send more troops to Germany


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Washington / Hannover. US President Joe Biden commented on Russia’s attack on Ukraine in a speech on Thursday. He condemned the “brutal” military offensive launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin “without provocation”. The Kremlin leader has been planning the operation for “months” and has now done what the United States has long warned: start a false flag war. “Putin is an aggressor. Putin chose war, and now he must face the consequences, “said Biden, adding that” severe sanctions “and the deployment of additional troops to Germany.

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As Biden told the White House, the sanctions would hurt Russia’s financial system and the technology sector through export restrictions. Four credit companies have been hit by the new sanctions, which account for a third of Russia’s assets. Among them is VTB Bank, Russia’s second largest bank. Banks will thus be exempted from trading in the US financial markets and US dollars. Similar steps are being planned by partners in the European Union, Great Britain and Japan, Biden said.

Financial constraints prevent financial institutions from accessing the US dollar, a key US financial market and global reserve and trading currency. Meanwhile, the European Union is already planning further sanctions to cut off Russian creditors from European financial markets. The United States on Tuesday banned two small state-owned banks from trading in Russian government bonds and imposed sanctions on Russia as a result of Russia’s recognition of separatist areas in eastern Ukraine.

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According to the White House, most Russian currency transactions and half of foreign trade were still in US dollars. If the EU and the US pull Russian banks out of their financial institutions, Russia could face dramatic economic upheavals. The dollar and the euro are the major currencies that cannot be easily exchanged in many international trades.

More troops to Germany

When facing war in Ukraine, Western allies will be closer than ever. “The good news is that NATO was more united and determined than ever,” he said. There is no doubt that all NATO allies will fulfill their obligations under Article 5, “an attack on one is an attack on all”. Biden made it clear that he would not pay “any fees” if Russia attacked NATO areas.


Scholz Text: Only Putin ended this war

President Olaf Scholes has again strongly condemned the Russian attacks in a televised speech. © Reuters

In addition, Biden announced that he would send 7,000 additional troops to Germany to strengthen NATO in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “I now approve of sending more US troops to Germany as part of the NATO response,” US President Joe Biden told the White House in Washington on Thursday. These are also players who have already been placed on alert, Biden continued. He stressed: “Our armed forces are not going to Europe to fight in Ukraine, but to protect our NATO allies and to assure our allies in the East.”

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The U.S. government announced earlier this week that additional troops and equipment would be transferred to Eastern Europe. The forces include an infantry battalion of about 800 soldiers, which are being transferred from Italy to the Baltic states, and military and assault helicopters are being sent from Germany to NATO’s eastern border.

No talks with Putin – sanctions against Kremlin boss possible

Biden did not plan to talk to Putin. “I do not plan to talk to Putin,” he said. Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a big mistake by Moscow: “Putin’s aggression against Ukraine will ultimately cost Russia dearly, economically and strategically.” He stressed: “This aggression cannot go unanswered.” America stands for independence. This is a dangerous moment for freedom in Europe and around the world. But in the end freedom wins. The United States and its allies will emerge strong from the crisis, while Russia will be isolated.

Biden also pointed out that he could imagine sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin. “It’s not a bluff, it’s on the table,” Biden said. When asked why no such ban has been imposed now, Biden did not respond. The US president has already imposed sanctions against Putin.

Biden: Will keep Russia “in charge”

Shortly after the military offensive began, Biden spoke of an “unjustified attack” and a “deliberate war” provoked by Russia. The United States and its allies must firmly “hold Russia accountable.”

On Thursday morning (local time), Biden first discussed the situation in Ukraine with his National Security Council. He then met with other G7 heads of state and government via video conference. Germany is currently chairing the group.

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