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NATO implements security plans for Eastern Europe


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War in Ukraine: Summary The most important things in the news blog

  • In response to Russia’s attack, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky declared a state of war across the country.
  • Reports of explosions in several Ukrainian cities.
  • France convenes the National Security and Security Council.

Zelenskyj: Entrepreneurs must continue to work

President Volodymyr Zhelensky has appealed to Ukrainian entrepreneurs not to stop their work. “Working now is security in this difficult situation (…). Our future depends on every company, every entrepreneur. Take care of your employees, work for the good of each and every one of us. We must have all the goods and services that people need.” Companies and entrepreneurs must provide Ukrainian citizens with “everything they need”.

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NATO implements security plans for Eastern Europe

NATO implements security plans for Eastern Europe after Russian invasion of Ukraine. The commander-in-chief of the NATO Armed Forces has far-reaching powers, for example, to solicit and relocate troops. The report of the 30 member states stated: “We have decided to take further steps to further strengthen prevention and security throughout the Alliance (…).” NATO heads of state and government will close a special ceremony on Friday afternoon. Session on Russia’s War Against Ukraine. The consultation will take place via video conference.

Died and wounded near Odessa

A bomb blast near the Ukrainian military base in Bodilsk, Odessa, has killed at least six people and wounded seven others. Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, quoted the National Police as saying that 19 people were missing.

Ukraine sever diplomatic relations with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has severed diplomatic ties with Russia. “We have severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Ukraine is defending itself and will not give up its independence no matter what they think in Moscow, “said the head of state.

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Former President of Lithuania: Doubts about the effectiveness of Western sanctions

Former Lithuanian President Talia Kripasky has expressed serious doubts about the effectiveness of Western sanctions against Russia. In response to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, he tweeted on Thursday: “Sanctions will not stop the attackers, only punish him. War criminals can only be stopped on the battlefield.”

Baerbock warns that energy prices will rise

Foreign Minister Annalena Barbaugh has prepared the Germans for the consequences of the conflict in Germany. “Dear fellow citizens, we are awake in a different world today,” Barbaugh said Thursday. Beerbock continues: “We are all shocked, but we are not helpless.” Over the course of the day you will integrate into the framework of G7, NATO and EU. The war in Ukraine “will have repercussions for us in Germany as well,” he said, referring to rising energy prices.

France convenes the National Security and Security Council

French President Emmanuel Macron convenes the National Security and Security Council. The meeting will take place at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Macron held talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky and “assured him of the full support and unity of France.” This was announced by Macron’s spokesman on Thursday.

Italy summons Russian ambassador

Italy summoned the Russian ambassador on Thursday morning. Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo has issued instructions for this. The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly condemned the Russian ambassador to Italy for Moscow’s attack on Ukraine. This is a clear violation of international law.

Ukrainian police supply guns to veterans

The Ukrainian government has called on all physically fit comrades to take up arms. Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov said anyone wishing to own a gun could join the armed forces. Ukrainian police said the soldiers would be provided with weapons. The Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukrainian troops would “evacuate their positions in large numbers”. The Russian side “will not attack the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces, they have laid down their weapons”.

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The Internet continues to work in Ukraine

Despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Internet connection is still stable. So far, according to local reports, there is no evidence that the network connection will be disconnected as part of the fight.

Border Security Reports: Russian ground forces on Ukrainian soil

According to the Ukrainian border guard, Russian ground forces have advanced into Ukraine. Border guards said Thursday that the army had crossed the border with tanks and other heavy equipment from several northern areas and the connected Crimean peninsula. Russia launched an attack on Ukraine on Thursday night.

Conflicting reports about downed planes

According to the Ministry of Defense, Russian forces have removed Ukrainian air bases. “Air defense of the Ukrainian armed forces has been disabled,” the Interfax news agency quoted the ministry as saying on Thursday. At the same time, it denied reports that its own planes had shot down over Ukraine. It said “reports in the foreign media that the Russian plane had been shot down were not true.” Earlier, the Ukrainian military said five Russian planes and a helicopter had been shot down in the Luhansk region.

Ukrainian government: No attack on civilian targets

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said that the command bases of the Ukrainian army in the capital, Kiev, and in the metropolitan area of ​​Kharkiv had been hit by rockets, according to the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda. The Ukrainian government does not anticipate Russian attacks on civilian targets. No attacks were expected on residential areas and civilian infrastructure, a Home Ministry adviser in Kiev said.

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Earlier, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin had officially ordered the deployment of Russian troops in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions during the conflict with Ukraine. This was announced by the Kremlin in Moscow on Thursday. He “decided to launch a special military operation,” Putin told the TASS news agency. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said in the early hours of the morning that explosions had been heard in several cities in Ukraine.

On Thursday, Kiev announced that Russian military action was aimed at “destroying the Ukrainian state.” Russia’s ambassador to the UN has announced that Moscow is targeting the “ruling elite in Kiev.” According to the Russian military, Ukrainian air bases and other military installations were targeted. “The Ukrainian armed forces’ military infrastructure, air defense facilities, military airports and air force are being undermined by high-precision weapons,” the Russian news agency TASS was quoted as saying by the Russian Defense Ministry early Thursday.

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