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“That’s why Putin is wearing the biggest pants.”


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That is why Putin is clinging to the table and hiding his leg

This is the small details in the big picture: the expert in facial expressions and rhetoric looked very closely at the Ukrainian speech. The extent to which Putin’s mask fell here, and why he stuck to the table – in the video.

Table, suit, arms and legs: body language expert reveals details about Putin’s personality, appearance – and greatest weakness. (Source: D-Online)

During the Ukraine speech, the Russian ruler betrayed the details with his facial expressions. In the video, an expert shows what Putin learned from the KGB, his biggest weakness and why he needs a table.

First the Russian president threatened, then got recognition Separatist areas, Now he has militarily attacked Ukraine. But Vladimir Putin Already on Monday led the decisive course with a memorable speech Ukraine A.

Tillman Billing analyzed them for D-Online. The rhetorician and body language expert exemplified the “real historical moment” – and noted significant details on Putin’s hand, dress and desk.

You can see first-hand what rhetorician Tillman Billings personally acknowledged to the Russian president and what abnormalities he saw in Putin’s posture and hand. Here – Or in the video above.

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