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A Ukrainian police officer fires at Russian positions on the front lines of the Ukrainian war. The drone strike is said to have caused heavy losses to Russia. (Image archive) © LIBKOS/AP/dpa

A new video captures a drone strike and shows heavy losses for Russia in the Ukraine war. Meanwhile, a new attack may be threatening.

MOSCOW – Ammunition shortages, heavy casualties in the Ukrainian war and problems recruiting new soldiers: More than two years into the Russian invasion of the neighboring country, the situation looks more dangerous than ever. As Vladimir Putin's army advances to the front in eastern Ukraine, the question of new weapons supplies continues to be raised by the defenders.

According to Western experts, Russia's progress will come at the cost of high casualties in the Ukraine war. The new records show a heavy blow to the aggressors. Footage released by the Ukrainian military documents a drone strike that may have killed scores of Russian fighters.

Drone strikes cost Russia huge losses in Ukraine war: Armed forces strike multiple times

Constantly projecting Russian losses in the Ukrainian war has been a key tool of Ukrainian propaganda since the fighting began. Information from Russia about fighters killed or tanks destroyed cannot be independently verified, but Western analyzes often paint a consistent picture. The current case, documented in a post on Telegram, is now said to show multiple drone strikes against Russian infantry. Projectiles strike near or directly at combat troops.

The exact extent of the attack is unclear. how Newsweek Writes about the Ukrainian armyA brief report on the incident said the drones had “defeated two entire brigades of Russians”. However, platoon sizes can vary and in the Bundeswehr, for example, refers to a troop strength of 13 to 60 soldiers. Ukrainian reports indicate that at least 21 militants were killed.

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The photo shows casualties from the Ukrainian war: perhaps an attack near Avdiivka

It is currently unclear where the recordings were taken during the war in Ukraine. Newsweek The drone strike is suspected to have been carried out by Ukraine's 47th Mechanized Brigade. It was most recently active in the eastern Donetsk region. Both Kiev and Moscow forces have suffered casualties in the months-long battle over the city of Avdiivka, which Russia captured last month.

Current military reports of Russia A good month after the capture of Avdivka, Putin's military is talking about further gains in the region. On Tuesday, March 19, the Russian Defense Ministry said the village of Orlivka in the Donetsk region was under Russian control. Ukrainian civil servants had earlier reported that attacks in the area of ​​the city had been repelled. However, Ukrainian military observers' maps confirmed the change in front. Meanwhile, Putin is grappling with other issues: pro-Ukrainian partisans are planning a march in Moscow.

Attack in the Ukraine war? Russia's advance on Avdiivka cannot be confirmed

Contribute to the situation Avtjivka Shribe Das ISW (Institute for the Study of War) could not confirm reports of Russian forces in the western part of the city recently, but there was clear momentum in the fighting. So it is difficult to get an accurate picture of the front line of the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, an ISW ​​report dated March 18 shows that Russia has failed on the Kubiansk-Svatov-Kreminna route. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the attacks were successfully repulsed northeast of Kubyansk near Sinkivka and west of Kreminna near Terni.

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It has also been confirmed that Russia, despite suffering heavy losses in the war in Ukraine, continues to try to maintain momentum in the fighting. In recent weeks, Russian forces have repeatedly pressed Ukrainian defenses in the north, near the city of Kubiansk in Kharkiv, and along the southern front lines in the Zaporizhia region. It was reported in early March that Russia's monthly death toll in February reached its highest level since Moscow's armed forces entered Ukraine as part of their large-scale invasion in February 2022.

Russia May Ahead of Spring Offensive: Putin Uses Momentum in Russia Elections

Colonel Markus Reisner of the Austrian Armed Forces examines the latest developments in the war in Ukraine. Opposite N-TV, Vladimir Putin could use his “electoral victory” in Russia's presidential election to “prepare a new spring offensive.” At the same time, he said, Ukrainian security forces may be lagging behind due to lack of supplies of weapons and ammunition. Meanwhile, a polling station has reportedly announced that Putin has lost the Russian election.

A real one Research New Zurich newspaper The Ukrainian military predicts that it is less likely to use its artillery to repulse the Russian advance. Due to this difficult situation and the ongoing isolation of the war in Ukraine, the morale of Ukrainians is at risk now more than ever. Regular news coverage of Russia's losses in the Ukraine war may counter this. (fbu)

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