Putin has warned that there is a risk of war if Ukraine joins NATO

Updated 2/1/2022 at 11:23 pm

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has been tough on his first public appearance amid mounting conflict.
  • He clearly urges NATO to refrain from acknowledging Ukraine – because it would increase the risk of war.
  • But clear words are also coming from Kiev.

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Despite NATO’s “open door” policy, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin insists on joining the military alliance Ukraine Discounted. On Tuesday, Putin told the Kremlin that NATO could accept additional members in accordance with its laws. “She can, but she’s not obligated.” Ukraine is trying to join the Western military alliance because it feels threatened by Russia. In Kiev, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki backed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Putin warned of the danger of war Europe, Ukraine to be a member of NATO. In his view, Ukraine prefers the Black Sea Peninsula Cream Will be forcibly withdrawn if necessary. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and flatly rejected talks on its return. In this regard, Putin warned that there could be an armed conflict between the military base on Crimea and NATO.

Russia feels threatened by NATO

Putin also mentioned the policy of “security secession” in Europe. Accordingly, the security of one country does not affect the interests of another state. Russia Feels threatened by NATO. Russian president blasts West after about five-hour meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Moscow Before ignoring Russia’s security interests in the current crisis. This is his first statement in the current intensity.

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With massive Russian troops concentrated near Ukraine, there are fears in the West that Russia may be planning an invasion of its neighbor. The Kremlin denies it. Moscow has addressed a relevant list of demands for NATO and the United States, including an end to NATO’s eastern expansion. The two dismissed Russia’s main concerns, but provided dialogue in written responses.

On Tuesday, Putin criticized the negative attitude towards Russian demands. However, the written responses of the United States and NATO will be examined. “Although not easy, I hope we will finally find a solution. We know that,” the Kremlin leader said. He called on NATO to withdraw from its 1997 position and avoid deploying missile systems near Russia’s borders.

Urban warns of the Cold War

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban has expressed hope that a solution is possible. Orban, NATO’s first EU envoy to Moscow, met with Putin during the current crisis, saying “my visit is aimed at peace.” Warned of a new Cold War. “Conversation is essential in this situation.” He therefore welcomes talks between Russia and its Western allies. Problems can be overcome even if the positions are vacant.

After a telephone call with his US envoy, Anthony Blinken, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that Russia was pushing for a discussion on security issues in Europe. Blinken called on the Kremlin to escalate the crisis in Ukraine. The U.S. State Department says Blinkan has called for the withdrawal of Russian troops and equipment from the border with Ukraine and urged Moscow to take a diplomatic route.

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British Prime Minister Johnson Issued a stern warning to Russia against an attack on Ukraine. Johnson said during his visit to Ukraine that the Ukrainian military would create “violent and bloody resistance.” Kiev. Johnson said the Russian invasion would signify political, humanitarian and military catastrophe. He threatened that Britain and its allies would impose tough sanctions on Russia. These will come into force and trigger an automation as soon as the “first Russian leg” enters the Ukrainian border.

Poland wants to send arms to Ukraine

Zhelensky agreed with Johnson. “The Ukrainians will defend themselves to the last,” the president said. The Russians need to understand that a war will end in tragedy. “Therefore, I openly state that there will be no war between Ukraine and Russia. This will be a large-scale war in Europe.”

During his visit to Kiev, the Prime Minister of Poland Moravich announced that Ukraine would supply ammunition and weapons, including tens of thousands of grenades and artillery, anti-aircraft systems and reconnaissance drones. Diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions should continue this Wednesday. Johnson then wants to call Putin. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is also scheduled to visit Zhelensky. (dpa / fra)

Earlier, the Polish government said it had reason to believe Russia would increase its military presence in Ukraine’s neighboring Belarus. A White House spokesman confirmed this on Monday.

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