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Scholz-Ampel Laughs at the world: “The Kremlin loves Germany”


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Then the new president of the country was mocked. Helmut Kohl is from a province where he knows nothing about history and sometimes suffers from blackouts. The glass, again and again with evil, referred to him as a pear.

As Friedrich Hegel once said, history does not repeat itself, except as a farce. Used for the new traffic light alliance, which means:

The government led by Olaf Scholz is viewed by most of the media locally Of love And it is accompanied by the transformation of love. If anyone gives voice it is curved criticism.

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On the other hand, what NATO and Germany did not do was self-proclaimed a “progressive alliance”. Pope Had been successful so far. American, Europeans, The Russians and the Ukrainians are quietly united in making fun of the Germans.

The Minister of Defense says in all seriousness that he wants to send 5,000 helmets instead of the 100,000 required for Ukrainians – 5,000 – as a “very clear signal that we stand by your side”. Vitaly Klitschko’s spontaneous reaction from Kiev:

“A complete joke. What does Germany want to send next in support? Pillow?”

President Olaf Scholes wants to make a “positive resume” with Putin

Olaf Scholz had a new gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, with which Germany relied on its energy From Russia The so-called “private sector thing” will continue to increase. In the U.S. Senate, where the issue has been discussed more extensively than German Bundestock, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said:

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“The German chancellor has said he wants a positive resumption with Putin, who is preparing to invade the Ukrainian border with tanks.

Internet from o2: DSL, Cable, LTE or 5G (display)

Green They reject all forms of energy that can be used as a basic burden, such as oil, gas, nuclear and coal, making everyone shake their heads. There is a laugh going around on the internet Vladimir Putin Already landed in 2010 at the expense of German exit politicians:

“I do not understand the Germans. What do you want to heat them with? They have no gas, no nuclear power. But you can only find wood in Siberia that heats Germany.

In Brussels, people are now reacting less and less harshly to German energy nationalism. Interior Commissioner Theory Breton:

“It is a lie that the EU can become CO2-neutral without nuclear energy.”

The shoals on the scales abroad have no German weight

Abroad, it has long been observed that Germany is taking a special path not only in energy policy but also in foreign policy. The German word for “international responsibility” and the commitment of “multilateralism” sound empty when nothing big follows them. So Eric Kujer, editor-in-chief of the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, says on page one this weekend:

“Speak one more time Berlin And does not work. The Kremlin loves Germany very much.

The Chancellor has no bright role in this. He enters and he exits; He drives and he drives; But as far as power politics is concerned, at home – where a colorful vaccine proves itself – or in foreign policy – the Americans and Russians are negotiating the fate of Europe in Europe without Geneva – he does not weigh the German weight.

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Where the positive is, be at this point Erich Gastner Questions? The answer is not difficult for us:

No one need be afraid to see this Germany. The country is not militarily aggressive or politically ambitious. However, this is very obvious: key actors can be seen on the open stage, such as editing the screenplay and rehearsing the dialogues.

We have to be careful. Compared to Olaf Scholes, who appeared as “The Dept” last season, the current lead actor has to live with a tragic disadvantage: New Sholes lost his motivation on election day.