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Confession in notebook: FBI: Laundry confesses to killing Pettito


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Confession in notebook
FBI: Laundry admits to killing Pettito

After the death of American KP Pettito, her boyfriend Brian Laundry is targeted by police. But the 23-year-old man commits suicide and escapes trial. The FBI now reports that Laundry took charge before he died.

According to the FBI, the boyfriend of KP Pettito, who went missing for several weeks in the United States, later died and was responsible for killing the young woman before he committed suicide. FBI agent Michael Schneider said Friday that he could not identify anyone other than Brian Laundry involved in the 22 – year – old man’s death.

Laundry pleaded guilty in a notebook seized after the suicide. So the trial will be stopped soon. “All the logical steps of the investigation in this case have been completed,” Schneider said.

Pettito traveled across the United States with her 23-year-old boyfriend last summer and never returned. The lawsuit was probably funded by the Florida-based couple who shared numerous pictures and videos of their trip on social media. Pettito’s body was found in Wyoming in September after an intensive search. According to the coroner, the young woman was strangled.

His friend Laundry drove away in his car shortly after Pettito was reported missing. In late October, the body parts of a 23-year-old man were found in a natural reserve in the state of Florida. According to forensic medicine, L.A. was the result of his self-assault. Even after Pettito’s body was found, he was not explicitly considered a suspect, but police classified him as a person suitable for interrogation.

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