Austria: Five people were killed in an avalanche in Tyrol

Status: 04.02.2022 9:48 pm

Five people have been killed in an avalanche in Tyrol, Austria. One person was injured. Around the same time, five winter sports enthusiasts were buried in an avalanche at the Solton Sky Resort – they may be rescued.

Five people have been killed in an avalanche in the Austrian state of Tyrol. Initially, four victims were mentioned. A police spokesman for the dpa news agency said one person had been airlifted to Switzerland with injuries. The accident took place in the Spies area on the Swiss border. Several helicopters flew to the scene. Police were initially unable to provide additional information on the exact course of the incidents, the origin and age of the victims.

In the afternoon, emergency services searched the avalanche cone for other victims, a police spokesman said.

Five people were buried in Solton

Around the same time, the avalanche buried five winter sports enthusiasts on a safe slope at the popular ski resort Solton. They were rescued alive. Four of them were taken to hospital with injuries.

Jacob Faulkner, chairman of the Solton Mountain Railway, said the snowfall was triggered by winter sports enthusiasts.

Risk of major avalanche in Tyrol

After heavy snowfall over the past few days, the five-area avalanche risk level was at Tyrol level 3. According to experts, most avalanches occur at this level. According to the Avalanche Warning Service, there were about 60 avalanches in Austria yesterday and today. Until then today was the most severe avalanche day in winter.

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Experts from the Avalanche Warning Service have warned that dry avalanches could be triggered by personal winter sports enthusiasts.

“All warnings are useless”

Rudi Mair, head of the Tyrolean Avalanche Warning Service, said: “I’m sorry, but I’m shocked and angry that all the warnings were ineffective. Crisis conditions have been pointed out for several days. Skiing tourism and off-pist descendants currently require a lot of experience in avalanche risk assessment.

Tiroler Tageszeitung said the avalanche situation had also called on the military to take action. Along with an air rescuer for reconnaissance aircraft, avalanche and transport missions, there is a military transport helicopter. In addition, the military command formed its avalanche rescue teams.

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