“There is a threat of disaster in the region!” – Heavy storms in Greece

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Meteorologist Dominique Jung has warned of heavy rain and flash flooding in Greece. Vacationers in northern regions should be especially careful.

Athens/Wiesbaden – “Anyone currently in Greece, especially in the northern regions, should be very alert and follow current weather forecasts closely,” says Dominik Jung, managing director of the Q.met weather service. Because: “There is a real threat of regional catastrophe!”

“There is a threat of disaster in the region!” – Heavy storms in Greece

In the next 48 to 72 hours, parts of Greece could receive more than 650 liters of rain, Jung said on Tuesday (5 September). This is what the German weather model calculates. “The US weather model is expecting almost 800 liters of rain,” explains meteorologist Jung. By comparison: in Berlin, an average of 600 liters of rain falls per square meter throughout the year.

“There will be severe flooding and destruction in the respective areas. “Vacationers should be especially vigilant over the next 72 hours — especially if they’re unfamiliar with the area,” warns meteorologist Jung. Storm “Daniel” will likely rage through Thursday.

In central Greece – as of Tuesday afternoon – one person has already died due to the storm. There was a power outage on the island of Corfu, causing difficulties in operating the airport there. On the Sporades islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, there was sometimes lightning and thunder every second during the night. In Elis, west of the Peloponnese peninsula, hailstorms destroyed parts of the upcoming olive harvest.

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A severe storm hit Greece. Storm “Daniel” causes flooding. A car is submerged in floodwaters in the seaside resort of Milena (Pelion). © Thanasis Kalliaras/dpa

After extreme weather around the Spanish capital Madrid, with severe flash flooding, there is now a threat of a regional weather disaster in the eastern Mediterranean. In Spain, violent storms killed at least five people and caused widespread chaos and considerable damage to property.

Large parts of the country were hit by heavy rains, cyclonic winds, lightning strikes and hailstorms on Saturday and Sunday. There were several flight delays. Train services were stopped at many places. Hundreds of passengers had to spend the night involuntarily at train stations in Madrid, Malaga and other cities on Monday night. Dozens of streets were closed and parks closed. Countless houses, cellars, garages and underpasses were flooded with water and mud. Parts of the facade and roof fell onto the streets and trees were uprooted. Agricultural lands have been severely affected in various areas.

In Germany and Central Europe the other extreme prevails: perpetual summer and no end. “We can already see today that the dry, warm and sunny weather will last until at least Wednesday next week,” says Jung. There is a high “Olenka” – it will stay there. “Omega’s weather conditions are very stable, and weather models generally underestimate its tolerance. “I can imagine that hot summer weather will be with us at least until mid-September,” says Jung. “Very hot” – this is the German weather service’s (DWD) summer forecast. (with DPA material) is the assessment.

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