NATO countries want to prevent war with Russia through agreements

Updated on 05/25/2022, 20:02

  • Are there any agreements between NATO countries in supplying arms to Ukraine?
  • The German secretary of state’s statements on the matter sparked controversy since Sunday.
  • The information coming from the coalition circles is beyond doubt.

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According to the German Press Agency, there are informal agreements between NATO countries to avoid supplying certain weapons to NATO. Ukraine. As the dpa was confirmed in coalition circles in Brussels on Wednesday, this should reduce the risk of a direct military confrontation between NATO countries. Russia Should be kept as low as possible.

For example, it is feared that the supply of Western tanks and warplanes could see Russia officially enter the war and then take military retaliation. These types of weapons systems have not yet been delivered to Ukraine.

In Deutschland Recent Statements by the Parliamentary Secretary of State for the Ministry of Defense, Siemtay Mல்லller (SPD), Sparked debate. He told NDF’s “Berlin live” arms distribution on ZDF on Sunday that “no armored carriers or tanks of Western models have been delivered to NATO.”

Union Group Vice Johan Wadepul (CDU) Then criticized on Wednesday Central government No such agreement was mentioned during the debate on the supply of heavy weapons in Puntestock. “Either it’s caused by a slanderous incompetence and laziness and ignorance. Or it could be a real scandal. , He told the “Focus Online” portal.

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Member states have so far adhered to informal agreements

A NATO spokesman generally commented on the matter on Wednesday. He pointed out that all distribution decisions are ultimately a matter for individual member states. According to the diplomats, they have so far adhered to informal agreements – otherwise they will have to fear that they will not receive the full support of their coalition partners in the event of a Russian attack. For this reason, for example, Poland reportedly withdrew Soviet-designed MiG-29 fighter jets from Ukraine two months ago.

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Todd D., commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe. Walters said in March that the exchange of MiG-29s could be misunderstood by Moscow’s intelligence and could make Russia worse. NATO As a result. The four-star general said it was a high-risk situation.

Past agreements have been implicitly confirmed by French President Emmanuel Macron. In March, after a special summit of NATO heads of state and heads of state on arms distribution, he said: “There is a limit, it has not become a party to war.” This border is shared by all allies, which is why no one has ever provided weapons like aircraft.

Risk analyzes of the arms supply are constantly updated

Wadephul, a CDU politician, on Wednesday accused the federal government of violating the Bundestag’s decision to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. “It did not happen. By doing so, the federal government is violating the restrictive decision of parliament,” he said. “If it continues like this, then there will be an inquiry committee!”

NATO, on the other hand, protects the federal government. “Germany has supplied Ukraine with thousands of weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank missiles,” a spokesman said Wednesday. Also, Germany’s decision to supply artillery and anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine is welcome.

In this context, it was emphasized in coalition circles that risk analyzes for the arms supply were constantly being updated. Accordingly, it cannot be ruled out that at some point Western tanks and warplanes will also be delivered to Ukraine. (dpa / fra)

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