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Uranium munitions for Ukraine war: US puts together new military package


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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visits Kiev: At the same time, the US announces a new weapons package for Ukraine, including uranium munitions.

KIEV – The United States will supply Ukraine with armor-piercing uranium munitions. The US Defense Department announced a new arms package for Ukraine worth $175 million (about 163 million euros) on Wednesday, coinciding with a visit to Kiev by Secretary of State Antony Blinken. This includes depleted uranium ammunition for Abrams tanks. Washington has promised Kiev tanks of this type.

Uranium munitions are suitable for Abrams tanks, which the US wants to supply to Ukraine. (archive photo) © Armin Weigel/dpa

Great Britain already announced in the spring that it would supply uranium munitions to Kiev in the war in Ukraine – prompting the Kremlin to react and threaten escalation.

Uranium Munitions for Ukraine: How Will It Be Used in War?

Depleted uranium is a waste product from the enrichment of uranium used in nuclear power plants or in the production of nuclear weapons. It is so hard that it does not change its shape when it hits the target. Depleted uranium is used to power grenades and bombs.

The use of uranium munitions or DU munitions (English: depleted uranium) is not prohibited under international law. However, its use is controversial because the metal is toxic — both to soldiers and to people living in war zones. Depleted uranium is 60 percent less radioactive than uranium in its natural state. (AFP)

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