The next shock of the crisis year is coming soon

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The shock is even deeper. After two severe corona years, we finally thought we could get back to our comfortable life. Return to the carefree happy years that were safe, prosperous, and comfortable when Germany was a blissful island before the plague. Almost the entire employment, all in the butter, the question of leisure is more important than political debates. Yes, we were very comfortable in our Piedmont Republic.

Many would like to continue like this, but instead of happy times, the next shock followed the epidemic: War in Europe, fear of nuclear weapons, inflation, we are getting poorer every day. The days will be hard, the coming months will be even harder. Many will soon turn every euro twice, and many will find out what arbitrary abandonment is.

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  • In recent years, the number of armed conflicts, the number of people killed in conflicts and the number of refugees worldwide has doubled.
  • The number of active nuclear weapons has risen again after years of decline.
  • Global military spending has reached a new record: more than two trillion US dollars.
  • A quarter of all creatures are threatened with extinction. The number of pollinating insects, such as bees, bumblebees and butterflies, is declining sharply. This has massive implications for the food situation.
  • Extreme weather such as storms and heat waves are becoming more frequent and longer. Harvest failure, increasing the number of starving people.
  • Infections occur frequently, and the corona would have been only a precursor.
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Weapons of war in the hands of dictators, wars, Diseases, food shortages, droughts, floods, distribution struggles, refugees, cyber attacks: We have to adapt accordingly The world of permanent crises To live. And as everything around the world is now connected to everything else, we also feel the consequences of the conflicts and problems in this country that originated on the other side of the world.

What are the following? Politicians on all sides have so far failed to give the impression that they are taking the scale of this threat seriously enough. In Germany, the government is trying to solve growing problems, especially more and more Tax billions To fill: The mountain of debt is growing and growing. “Some people are already openly asking if the debt embargo can be re-imposed next year,” said our correspondents Johannes Peppermire and Tim Gummert during the budget debate in Puntestock.

It is clear: If political action is limited to permanent crisis management, it is not possible to pursue long-term views. But they are essential and cannot be designed by politicians and researchers alone. Takes everyone for it. We all are.

We must learn to organize our lives to deal with many crises at once, for better or worse. We no longer suppress risks, but manage them together. Easier said than done, I know. But with a creative approach it is possible. It needs to be first Pragmatism. Second, the most popular Expansion. Third, the ability to have a complex name Ambiguity Tolerance: Willingness to tolerate ambiguity and ambiguity without avoiding or rejecting it. Fourth Intelligence: With eight billion two-limbed creatures, not everyone can live on our planet as much as they can (the flood after us). Every individual needs to think about whether they really need all the gadgets, products, rides, amenities.

The fifth and most important quality is confidence. The light-hearted days are over, but that does not mean it is over. Despite the wars, tragedies and devastation, human history is a tremendous success story. We can solve even seemingly insurmountable problems. But just wanting it is not enough. We should do the same. Not just those in politics, we all are. Then light will appear between all the clouds. That is the good news.

Respect, Your Majesty!

Official Jubilee Photo of Queen Elizabeth II.
Official Jubilee Photo of Queen Elizabeth II. (Credit: Royal Household / Ronald McKenzie)

It had to be canceled twice due to Corona, which is scheduled to take place today: With a military parade “Color Trooping” In central London, the English celebrate their Queen’s birthday late. This year, Wambu (live from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) is the precursor to a full series of celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the throne. Queen Elizabeth II. She has been Queen since February 6, 1952, the year of the death of her father George VI; He was crowned on June 2, 1953 at the age of 27. By the way, at that time the British Prime Minister was called Winston Churchill.

Because the 96-year-old king Recently the movement struggled with problems, It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, after today’s parade the traditional look on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and a service is expected at St. Paul’s Cathedral tomorrow. It is clear from his conclusion that his majesty has retained at least a certain level of certainty. No. She is allowed to stand next to her on the balcony: her traitorous grandson Harry, his wife Megan and the humiliated Prince Andrew looking nowhere else.

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