Putin blames Russian nuclear attack

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Satellite images of Sevastopol. (archive photo) © Handbook / PLANET LABS PBC / AFP

Each lost ship makes Russia more nervous: Sergei Shoigu has now ordered the reinforcement of Crimea – the use of nuclear weapons is possible.

Simferopol – Despite the constant threat, the Russian sailors could have had little idea what was racing towards them in the dark of night. A video compilation by Ukrainian intelligence sources suggests that at most one sailor opened fire at the last second. But it no longer has any meaning: the Magura 5 Surface Drone Caesar attacked Cuneo's port side. Maybe a warship of Russia Also hit by two drones – the ship sank off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula on February 14. Another blow from the Ukrainian defenders against Vladimir Putin Black Sea Fleet.

Now Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has visited Crimea and called for strengthening its security Ukraine Pravda writes Shoigu urged his subordinates to “conduct constant drills both day and night to counter enemy terrorist attacks” and “increase the survivability of ships and increase the security of infrastructure in the state's area of ​​responsibility.” He also ordered the installation of additional guns including heavy machine gun systems Attack drones to destroy

Military economist Marcus Cube said in an interview that Crimea still needs what it needs to become a decisive theater in the war in Ukraine. Daily news Said: “Crimea is not just the logistical hub, but the military powerhouse of the entire Russian operation against them. UkraineThat's why it will be the final game of the war, and faster than some expected.” Russian efforts seem to prove this: The Washington Post Loves the Russian fortresses in the images of the satellite service maximum More than 30 kilometers of trenches are located in Crimea.

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Ukraine's Naval Counteroffensive: The Gradual Destruction of Russia's Black Sea Fleet

According to Russian media, the military has more than 200 facilities on the peninsula: air bases, ammunition depots or camps. Tens of thousands of soldiers are reported to be stationed there. The port of Sevastopol is the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Everywhere the Russian army of invasion suffered the greatest losses in the storm of the century without any enemy action. A strike against the patrol boat Caesar Kunikov It was also Ukraine's latest prank against the Russian navy. Crimea is a sore wound for both sides.

However, defenders at sea almost make up for Ukraine's failed counteroffensive on land – Russia's Black Sea fleet is gradually destroyed. Online time Verdict: About a third of them were destroyed or damaged, according to the Ukrainian military. 24 Russian warships and one submarine were disabled. Independent observers gave a slightly lower figure of 20 ships and one submarine. Crimean Tatars raise the price of aggression for Russia Partisan warfare To an almost unattainable height.

Russia's Humiliation of the Crimean Tatars: The Incitement to the Atesh Partisan Uprising

By cutting off land routes to Crimea and attacking supply points with long-range weapons, Russia could try to make a takeover of Crimea impossible, military expert Gustav Kressel said. ZDF. The conflict began in Crimea in 2014 and will likely end at some point — or it could mean a rude awakening for NATO. Adesh (“fire” in Crimean Tatar), a separatist movement founded in the summer of 2022, may have played a key role in Ukrainian victories in Crimea. Forced conscription from Crimea into Moscow's armed forces gave the growing opposition movement a great opportunity to undermine the Russian military from within, writes Elena Beketova of the Center for European Policy Analysis. Russia is now feeling its impact.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is under increasing pressure in Crimea; He wants to pursue his ambitious goals for the future: to become an international maritime power and the ruler of the Black Sea. The Black Sea is the interface between the Russian Federation and NATO. This is what German warship captain Goran writes for the Swisstech think tank Foundation Science and Politics: “Russia's interests in the Black Sea are centuries-old ice-free and, if possible, year-round access to major sea lanes around Europe, supporting its claim as a maritime power.” Ukrainian maritime drones and partisan intelligence refute this claim.

Putin's Reinforcement of Crimean Occupiers by 2025: Warning Signal to NATO

Long before the start of the Ukrainian war, journalism European Safety and Security (ESD) He discussed an article that tried to show how “Russia, in defiance of international agreements, turned this once-thriving resort town into a modern military base and even prepared it for the use of nuclear weapons.” The 20-page document emerged as part of the Forum on Security Cooperation (FCS) of the Vienna-based OSCE (Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe).

the sea ESD In 2020, the Russian armed forces in occupied Crimea numbered 31,500 soldiers – significantly more than before the occupation of Crimea, at which time recruitment was solely from members of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The ESD-The source, even without evidence of a military conflict at that time, assumes that the number of Russian troops will increase by 1.5 times by 2025, allowing Putin to carry out full-scale military operations in the southwest, at sea and on the coast. As in the skies over the Azov and Black seas to the Mediterranean. In this regard, troop reinforcements may have signaled an expansion of Crimea's annexation and forced NATO to act quickly.

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Moscow's Principality of Moscow: former spearhead of Crimea's nuclear arsenal

According to it ESDDefense reporter George Mader pointed to this early document as evidence of “air- and sea-based delivery mechanisms Putin's Nuclear Weapons have been transferred to Crimea, while the old Soviet-era camp infrastructure near Feodosia and Sevastopol is reportedly being renovated” – for example, the Baharov airfield near Kerch. In this context, Mader recalled the Russian Federation's unilateral termination of the 1997 agreement with Ukraine on the status of the Black Sea Fleet. Article 5 of this agreement According to the Russian Federation has pledged not to keep nuclear weapons from the Russian Federation's Black Sea Fleet stationed on Ukrainian territory.Moscow may still argue that Crimea is no longer part of Ukraine.

Nevertheless, given the geopolitical situation in Crimea, the possible strengthening of armed forces with nuclear weapons fundamentally calls into question the multilateral ban on nuclear weapons and pressures NATO to act – the corresponding threats from the Russian side have now been sufficiently made. Russia has long established various delivery systems and other routes that could deliver nuclear weapons to Crimea. These include the currently submerged cruiser Moskva with the Vulkan missile system, the guided-missile destroyer Smedlivy with the Rastrup-B missile system and the Su-24M bomber unit capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons. Other Russian aircraft that have been temporarily stationed in Crimea for training purposes include Tu-22M3 medium-range bombers and Su-34 long-range tactical bombers.

The danger of using nuclear weapons is not accidental – the sinking of the Caesar Kunikov may have lit Russia's fuse – and Shoigu's angry talk about the porous defenses of the Crimean fortresses can be seen as a sign of this. In fact, experts continue to debate the timing of one Possible use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia; Ulrich Kohn, a security expert at the university's Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, said they believe the 20-year-old Secret Service documents are valid evidence of the Russian military's conduct in subsequent battles in Ukraine. Hamburg said ZDF revealed; That is, little has changed in the basic concepts of Russian military strategists to this day.

“The moment the front collapses, things get tricky,” says Kohn. In this case, Russia uses the threat of nuclear weapons as a deterrent to influence its adversaries. In his opinion, the recapture of Crimea could be a trigger that could lead to the use of nuclear weapons. (father)

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