The British expected Russia to fail

British expected Russia to fail at Bagmut

Van Reuters, dpa, afp, T-Online

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Contested for months: Footage shows intense battle for city in Donbass (What: T-Online)
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Day 314 since the start of the war: Ursula van der Leyen hints at another trip to the Ukraine. Russia acknowledges numerous deaths. All information on news blog.

The most important things at a glance

Lavrov spoke by phone with the new Israeli foreign minister

3:59 pm: According to reports from Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov briefed his Israeli counterpart, Eli Cohen, on the course of the Ukraine war. In addition to bilateral relations and the situation in the Middle East, the call dealt with “individual aspects of the situation in Ukraine in connection with the special military operation conducted by Russia,” according to a Russian Foreign Ministry press release on Tuesday. .

It was the first meeting between the two top diplomats since Israel’s new right-wing government took office at the end of December. The call came amid Western criticism that Israel could reverse course under Benjamin Netanyahu on Ukraine policy. Although Tel Aviv declared its strict neutrality when the war broke out, the government later showed greater solidarity with the invaded Ukraine, although it did not supply any weapons.

That could change under Netanyahu, who calls Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin his friend. This is also indicated by Cohen’s statements that the government will comment less on the conflict in Ukraine in the future. The US Senate has already criticized Israel’s self-restraint.

An EU spokesman declined to confirm the summit in Kyiv

A spokesman for EU Council President Charles Michel, who attended the meeting, said: “I cannot yet confirm the location. Apart from Michel, Commission President Ursula van der Leyen will also be attending the meeting on behalf of the EU, the spokesman added. The summit between the EU and Ukraine is the start of the annual Ukraine war. previously held.

In December, a spokesman said Zelensky had received a “standing invitation” from the EU to visit Brussels. Zelenskyj has traveled out of the country only once since Russia’s war of aggression began in late February: in December he met US President Joe Biden in Washington.

Criticism of Russia: “Dangerous and Criminal”

1:06 pm: Dozens of Russian soldiers reportedly killed in blast in eastern Ukraine Information about the dead varies – which causes trouble in Russia. Read more here.

The British expected Russia to fail near Baghmut

11.20 am: According to British military experts, a major Russian military advance near the Ukrainian city of Baghmut is unlikely in the coming weeks. This emerged from the Defense Ministry’s daily intelligence update in London on Tuesday.

Ukrainian troops have strengthened their positions. As a result, Russian attacks have subsided recently – after reaching a temporary peak in mid-December. Both sides suffered heavy damage, the statement said.

Russian soldier in Pakmut (archive photo): British experts expect more casualties.
Russian soldier in Pakmut (archive photo): British experts expect more casualties. (Source: Viktor Antonyuk/imago images)

Russians report attack on fleet near Sevastopol – Night at a Glance

Rehlinger: No end to Ukraine war in sight

At this point, however, it is unclear when and how the war will end. “Putin has to lose this war, he’s already lost morally. He’s a war criminal who doesn’t shy away from terror against civilians,” Rehlinger said.

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