Russian disinformation: Federal interior minister blames AfD politicians on Putin campaign

After the revelations about the pro-Russian propaganda network, the Union Home Minister Nancy Facer (SPD) made accusations against leading AfD politicians. Exposing Suspicious Russian Influence Activity Around Website Voice of Europe “An important blow against the Russian propaganda machine,” Pfizer said Spiegel. The revelations once again demonstrate the “massive amount of lies and disinformation” Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime is using to “shake faith in our democracy, incite anger and manipulate public opinion”. “It is important that this influence operation is uncovered before the European elections.”

The repeated appearances of leading AfD politicians on the disinformation portal means that “Putin's friends from the AfD are repeatedly linked here and made part of the Russian propaganda apparatus,” Pfizer said.

The Czech government announced this week that it had taken down a propaganda network funded by the Russian government. A Prague-based website should do just that Voice of Europe have been used to promote propaganda in the sense that of Russia to spread. Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said the influence operation was aimed at stopping further EU aid to Ukraine. The Czech Republic has operators Voice of Europe Included in the National Prohibited List.

Secret Campaign Finance Report

Czech newspaper My diary According to some accompanying European politicians Voice of Europe Worked together, got money from Russia. In some cases, the money was allegedly used to covertly fund campaigns for European elections in June. According to the report, politicians from Germany, Belgium, France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland received the payments. And the Spiegel Statements of such cash flows. Politicians are said to have received payments in cash or cryptocurrency for private meetings.

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The website includes, among other things, interviews with the AfD's top European candidate Maximilian Guy As well as AfD politician Petr Bystron, second on the list. Craw confirmed Spiegel, said he gave two interviews to the website but was not paid for them. According to the paper, Baistron initially responded vaguely to a question about possible payment in exchange for interviews, but later responded. He therefore described the related statements as “slanderous”..

They were involved in exposing the propaganda network Spiegel
According to several European secret services, including the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, are involved. BIS, the Czech Defense Information Service, took over.

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