Russian war of aggression: Ukraine reports “massive attacks” on energy facilities – Poland launches jets

Abroad War of Russian Aggression

Ukraine reports “massive attacks” on energy facilities – Poland launches jets

“Always New Attacks on Infrastructure”

Russia has repeatedly attacked energy facilities in its war of aggression against Ukraine. This time there is damage, especially in western and central Ukraine: “Russia is especially trying to attack hydroelectric plants and other power plants,” says WELT war correspondent Paul Ronsheimer.

Overnight Russia again attacked Ukraine with massive missile and drone strikes. Air alarms were sounded across the country, and attention was refocused on energy systems. Poland launched fighter jets.

BAccording to the Ministry of Energy, Russian airstrikes in Ukraine hit supply facilities in the country's Middle East. Ukrainian Energy Minister German Kalushenko said on Friday that a “massive attack” involving drones and missiles targeted energy production plants in the Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava and Cherkasy regions. An air alert was issued across the country during the night.

The Ukrainian Air Force said in the morning that it had launched 99 drones and missiles into Ukraine, destroying 84 of them. Ukrainian energy supplier DTEK announced that three thermal power plants were badly damaged by overnight shelling.

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According to Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Governor Serhiy Lysak, the air defense shot down 10 drones in the region. In addition, four rockets were destroyed over the city of Dnipro. “Several energy facilities were damaged (…) and one person was injured in one of these facilities,” he added. In the city of Kamianske, an agricultural cooperative was attacked and five people were injured.

The Polish military said it had launched military aircraft to monitor Polish airspace in anticipation of Russian shelling of the neighboring country. “Polish and allied aircraft are operating in Polish airspace,” the military said via X. There were warnings about aircraft noise from jets, particularly in the southeastern part of the country along the border with Ukraine.

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Russia continues to strike at night in the more than two-year-old war of aggression in Ukraine. In recent weeks, Moscow has stepped up airstrikes targeting key infrastructure such as power plants in response to Ukrainian bombing of Russian border areas.

It is intended to further psychologically exhaust the people of the country. According to the electricity network operator Ukrainerho, the currently planned blackout in the Kharkiv region is necessary. Power is also at risk in Odessa and Khmelnytskyi regions. Ukraine currently imports electricity from five of its western neighbors.

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