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Kremlin sources point to Putin's possible war strategy in Ukraine Kharkiv could play a decisive role – even in ending the war.

The Moscow-Ukraine war has been going on for more than two years. The Ukrainian Armed Forces issued a statement late last week Successful attack on ships and infrastructure of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. However, Ukraine has recently suffered a setback on the frontline. How will the war between the two countries develop?

According to a report Kyiv Post Recent anonymous reports from sources close to the Kremlin suggest that Vladimir Putin is considering two possible strategies for continuing the war in Ukraine. From Independent News Service Medusa Information gathered from people connected to the Russian government shows that much of Russia's political elite believes Putin will continue the war.

Is Putin Ready for New Major Offensive Against Ukraine?

However, it is unclear what goals Putin may pursue in the future. A “section” of Kremlin-aligned intelligence sources suspects that Putin has recognized the vulnerabilities on the front following Ukraine's recent setback and is ready to intensify his efforts to achieve a “decisive victory”. This may indicate the capture of the capital city of Kiev.

Another faction close to Putin's administration believes the Russian leadership can pursue “more realistic goals.” The capture of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city in the east of the country, could be one such objective.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke during a visit to his campaign headquarters. (archive photo) © Alexander Zemlianichenko/dpa

Sources close to the Kremlin emphasize Kharkiv's military importance to further military operations.

Putin has repeatedly emphasized Kharkiv's strategic importance to Russian military strategy. He believes a so-called sanitary zone around the Belgorod area near the border will help curb shelling near the border. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained Putin's proposal to the state news agency Toss: “The President believes that against the background of drone attacks, artillery attacks on our territory, security measures are being taken for some settlements in our territory, especially social institutions and residential buildings.”

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However, far-right Russian blogger Igor Skurlatov criticized the plan on Telegram: “What about the health zone that Vladimir Putin talked about the other day? We all agreed that the border of this zone would ideally run along the western border of Ukraine. But no. Governor Vyacheslav Klatkov decided that they should go [die russische Regionalhauptstadt] Belgorod will run. Interesting turn of events. We will never win like this!” Skarlatov expressed concern about a “mass exodus” on the Russian side and sincerely believed it was only a “temporary measure”.

Sources close to Putin believe another major offensive is possible – and that would require mobilization

While Putin's statements have yet to give any clear indication of possible future military action, sources close to the Kremlin believe another major attack on Kharkiv, the country's second-largest city, is possible. Such a scenario would require additional mobilization efforts and further Russian military structures.

Since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine The Kharkiv region was one of the main theaters of the war. After a large-scale counteroffensive in 2022, Ukraine was able to regain most of its territory. However, the city itself remains the target of Russian bombing raids.

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