Putin’s rule should not last

Warsaw / New York When the Foreign Minister had to correct the President the next morning, it became clear that something was wrong with the communication. But that is what happened: in Warsaw on Saturday evening, US President Joe Biden called for an end to the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech in Warsaw: “By God, this man cannot be in power.” Said at the end of a visit to Poland. And on Sunday, at a news conference in Jerusalem, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made it clear that Biden was not calling for regime change.

Since Saturday evening, governments, diplomats and commentators around the world have been puzzled as to whether the US president’s call for regime change in Moscow in his speech was merely false or deliberate. It is clear that it is not in the transcript. “We have no strategy for regime change in Russia or anywhere else,” Blingen said in Jerusalem. “Like all cases, it depends on the people of the country,” he said. It is in the hands of the Russian people, “he said.

Until Saturday evening, following Biden’s comments, the White House was forced to clarify that the president had not called for regime change in Russia in his speech. When he said “Putin’s rule cannot last,” a US presidential spokesman said the US president should not wield power over neighbors or the region. Biden did not talk about Putin’s power in Russia.

Hours before Biden’s speech, Russian rockets and artillery launched the largest attack to date on Lviv, 340 kilometers west of Ukraine – with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing and several media outlets reporting from nowhere.

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In his speech, Biden prepared the world for a protracted conflict over future international order. Biden said on Saturday evening that it was “a great war between democracy and dictatorship, between freedom and oppression, determined by the rule of law and the rule of law.” “We must be clear: this war will not be waged for days or months. We must melt ourselves into a long struggle.

In a row with Barack Obama

In his speech, Biden warned the Kremlin leader uncertainly: “Don’t even think about it,” he actually shouted at the time, “walked a centimeter on NATO territory.” Both of these announcements are of a clear seriousness. Conflict towards Russia.

Biden called Putin a “butcher.”

Biden agrees with his predecessor Barack Obama: In August 2012, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad threatened a military strike if he used chemical weapons. Obama also questioned the continuation of the Assad regime. Three years later, Russia sided with Assad in the Syrian war and used its massive airstrikes to regain power for the dictator against the rebels. They previously held large parts of the Levant State.

Biden drew this red fort on the NATO border. But in the war in Ukraine, Russia is dangerously approaching the border with Poland, and thus with the Western alliance. At the Doha Forum in Qatar, Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emin Shabarova told Handelsplot that “Putin is a very appealing player and can be trusted to do anything.” Like Python, he warned against the use of Russian chemical weapons in his country.

A few days ago, the US President announced violent counter-reactions from the West in this case – without properly describing them.

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The Kremlin was outraged by Biden’s comments

After Biden’s speech, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov clarified how angry the Russian leadership was in branding Putin a “butcher”: “These personal insults always close the window of opportunity for our bilateral relations under the current government.” A spokesman for the Kremlin in the Russian news agency Toss said.

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Prominent Russian foreign politician Konstantin Kozakov said Biden was making statements and mistakes with a “terrible order” worse than crimes. The President of the Russian Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin accused the US President of “non-diplomatic statements” and “hysteria”. “Biden is weak, sick and unhappy,” Volodin commented in a telegram. “American citizens should be ashamed of their president. Maybe he’s sick. That fact must be taken into account. ” Putin, on the other hand, deserves the respect of his “control”.

Political observers at the Doha Forum, a leading global foreign policy conference, expressed concern that the attacked and weakened Putin could become even more dangerous and unpredictable.

After a series of military setbacks in his attack on Ukraine, the Russian president may be under increasing pressure to seek a dangerous liberation: “Is Russia’s hunger really satisfied in Ukraine?” Asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr, who was linked by video with Doha. Selensky and warned of Russia’s use of nuclear or chemical weapons.

“You Russian people are not our enemies,” Biden told Russia. But a direct verbal attack on Putin went a long way. Richard Haas, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, tweeted his concern that Biden had turned regime change into a war goal. “While it is desirable, it is not in our power to achieve this – besides, Putin still sees this as a final game and refuses to compromise and increase it,” Haas wrote.

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Refugees must be responsible for the whole of NATO

Biden’s visit to Poland also raised the issue of refugees. The US President thanked them for accepting the refugees from Ukraine. “We recognize that Poland accepts a great responsibility, and I believe it is not just about Poland. It must be the responsibility of the whole world and of all NATO,” he said.

“We understand the fact that many Ukrainians are seeking refuge in Poland because there are thousands of people on our southern border who are trying to get to the United States every day.”

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According to US President Biden, the Russian economy will “halve” in the coming years due to severe Western sanctions. Before the Russian occupation war in Ukraine, Russia was the eleventh largest economy in the world, and soon Russia will not be one of the 20 largest countries, Biden said in Warsaw at the end of a two – day visit to Poland on Saturday.

Sanctions are said to be effective enough to compete with “military force.” Economic costs are undermining the Russian military, Biden said. “As a result of these unprecedented sanctions, the ruble immediately collapsed,” he said, noting the dramatic devaluation of Russia’s national currency. “The economy will be halved in the coming years,” Biden said.

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