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Day of War at a glance: Ukraine declares war of secession – separatists demand referendum


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War day at a glance
Ukraine declares war of secession – separatists want referendum

As the Ukrainian Secret Service declares a discriminatory war in Russian-occupied territories, the Kremlin seeks to replace worn-out units with new units. Meanwhile, Kiev and Moscow are announcing new talks in Turkey. A look at the 32nd day of the war.

Kiev: Russia wants to divide Ukraine

According to Ukrainian military intelligence, Russia wants to occupy Ukraine Split in two. So Russia wants to create a government-controlled region in Moscow after failing to capture the entire country, said intelligence chief Kirillo Budanov. “Actually, this is an attempt to create North and South Korea in Ukraine,” he explained. Budanov announced that Ukraine would soon begin guerrilla warfare in Russian-occupied territories. “Then there will be only one suitable scene for the Russians, so that they can live.”

After declaring himself the Luhansk People’s Republic, Budanov announced that he would hold a referendum on joining Russia. “I think the referendum will be held in the Republican territory in the future,” said the separatist leader there. Leonid Passeknik. “People will exercise their ultimate constitutional right and express their views on joining the Russian Federation.”

Shortly afterwards, the Ukrainian government made it clear that it would not approve such a referendum. Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Oleg Nikolenko said: “All fraudulent ballots are invalid and are not legally valid in the temporarily occupied territories.

London: The Russians want to encircle the Ukrainians in the east

Meanwhile, according to the UK MoD, Russian forces are focusing on encircling Ukrainian troops in the east. According to intelligence sources, they are advancing north from Kharkiv and south of Mariupol. “The battlefield in northern Ukraine is largely stable,” it said. The reason: local Ukrainian counter-attacks are thwarting attempts to restructure Russia’s armed forces.

Ukrainian civil servants have also identified movements of Russian troops in Belarus. Its purpose is to replace destroyed systems, provide food, fuel and ammunition, and evacuate wounded and sick soldiers from there. At the same time, it was said that Russian forces would continue to try to capture the northern city of Chernihiv. Fighting continued in the southeast to the cities of Rubishne, Severodonetsk and Mariupol.

New negotiations in Turkey

After about two weeks of talks in online form, the representatives of Ukraine and Russia now want to meet again in person. A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, the head of the Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky wrote in the Telegram. Ukrainian negotiator David Arachamiza also confirmed the planned private meeting on Facebook – but talked about the start on Monday and named Turkey as the host country.

In the talks, Kiev would also like to address the question of the country’s neutrality, as requested by Russia. Check “Completely”.. This is what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said in an interview with several independent Russian media outlets. “I understand this point of negotiation, it is being discussed, it is being fully explored.”

Germany is treating war victims

Germany did not only support Ukraine in arms supplies. According to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, Germany has begun treating severely wounded warlords from Ukraine. “These are people who are in dire need of intensive care and need to be delivered to intensive care facilities,” Lauterbach said on Built TV. He did not specify whether they were civilians or soldiers. According to Lauterbach, patients were initially sent from eastern Ukraine to western Ukraine. From there it goes to Poland and then to Germany.

The hot season in the Ukrainian capital usually ends in mid-April. But the war is with it because Over tomorrow. It was ordered by the local military administration, the Kiev city administration announced. Apartments and commercial buildings should no longer be heated. For schools, kindergartens, hospitals and cultural institutions, shutting down is regulated in consultation with their managers.

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