Lavrov angry over blocking airspace for Serbia – “Unthinkable happened”

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov had to suspend his trip to Serbia because he was banned from airspace due to the Ukraine war. Anger is high in Moscow now.

MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s planned two-day visit to Belgrade Monday (June 6): Serbia’s neighbors have refused to allow Lavrov’s government plane to fly over the country.

According to the Serbian newspaper Evening News Serbia’s neighbors Bulgaria, northern Macedonia and Montenegro have blocked their airspace for the machine. Russian news agency Interfax quoted diplomatic sources as saying that Lavrov’s visit to Belgrade had therefore been canceled. The reason for the blockage of the airspace ObstaclesThis is a day after the start of the European Union Ukraine war Against Lavrov and the Russian President Vladimir Putin Imposed.

Ukraine-News: Russia condemns ban on Lavrov flight – calls for “very tough” reaction

On Monday (June 6), the siege of Lavrov’s state apparatus came under heavy criticism from Russia. Konstantin Kozachev, deputy speaker of the Russian House of Lords, condemned the closure as “an act against Russia.” Serbia As a state. “He believes in a collective and” very strong “reaction, which will be reflected not only in the form of diplomatic protests, but also in” concrete actions, “Kozhatsev wrote in the online service Telegram.

Sergei Lavrov later in a video conference with foreign journalists criticized the siege of his trip by some “NATO members” as “joint work”. Lavrov said closing the airspace was a “disgraceful punishment” for a country that wants to freely determine its foreign policy in line with its national interests.

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Ukraine News: Lavrov can’t fly to Serbia – and angry about “puppet masters in Brussels”

“The unthinkable has happened,” he said aloud Attention.D They have also said. A sovereign state has lost the right to pursue foreign policy, Lavrov complained. The EU and NATO sought to prevent Serbia from freely choosing its allies. The West wants the Balkans for itself, as it demands of Ukraine, Lavrov criticized. The EU relies on those forces that have declared “war on all of Russia.” “The puppet makers in Brussels want to turn the Balkans into a closed Balkan project.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin. © Sergei Fadeiche / Imago

“No one can destroy our relationship with Serbia,” Lavrov said. He wants to meet his Serbian counterpart Nikolai Selakovic in Moscow soon. Serbia has condemned the Ukraine war, but at the same time Belgrade does not want to break with its ally. Refuses to join EU sanctions against Russia. Serbia recently extended the contract for the supply of gas from Russia for three years.

Lavrov’s trip to Serbia erupts over Ukraine war: Russia condemns “hostile action”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added: “Undoubtedly, such hostile actions against our country and our country’s top envoys will cause some problems and lead to the postponement of the schedule of these contacts for a while.” According to the Interfox news agency. However, he added that in principle, these measures would not destroy Russia’s relations with allies such as Serbia.

With Course of the Ukrainian War Meanwhile, Moscow was satisfied. The Kremlin is “optimistic” about the development of “military special operations in Ukraine”, Peskov said. All information about Conflict in Ukraine Read here. dpa / smu

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