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Johnson Booster and Variation – The study comes as a great surprise


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A woman was vaccinated against the corona virus by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. © Gregor Fischer / dpa

A study from South Africa on the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Omigran has yielded shocking results.

Cape Town – This could be another building block in the fight against the new Corona– Variation Omigron? Because no one expected the initial results of the South African study. They point to the high efficacy of the booster vaccine with the vaccine provided by Johnson & Johnson against severe diseases caused by Omigran. J&J’s vector vaccine, which is differently vaccinated than other vaccines. Biotech / Pfizer, Modern Or AstraZeneca Only one dose is required, and if administered twice, it provides 85 percent protection against hospital admission for omigran infection. The South African Medical Research Council announced on Thursday.

Booster with Johnson & Johnson: High protection against Omigron detected

For its study, the State Committee compared 69,000 members of the medical staff who received two doses of J&J with non-vaccinated individuals. The trial took place between November 15 and December 20, which means that the rate of corona infections in South Africa with the Omigran variant rose from 82 to 98 percent.

This study, which has not yet been studied in a peer review process by external scientists, also provides information on what its effect will be. Booster vaccine Spreads. In the first two weeks after the second vaccine dose, Omigron’s effectiveness against hospitalization for infection was 63 percent, but in the first two months after the booster it was 85 percent complete.

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Video: What to look for when using boosters

Johnson & Johnson maintains protective effect for a long time – good results thanks to cellular immune response?

The vector vaccine from the American company Johnson & Johnson is very interesting to the African continent because of its logistics benefits. The authors commented that their results were significant because Africa relied heavily on the J&J vaccine. According to J&J scientist Matthew Mummen, the study shows that the vaccine “remains strong and stable over time, even against variations in circulation such as Omigron and Delta”.

Previous laboratory studies have found that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is less likely to stimulate the production of corona virus-neutralizing antibodies against Omikron than mRNA vaccines such as Biontech / Pfizer’s. The fact that the J&J vaccine works better than expected in the human body may be due to an increased reaction of another part of the human immune system, known as the cellular immune response.

Corona: J&J boosters perform better than a third of Biotech

A small study by the Beth Israel Deacons Medical Center in Boston recommended a booster vaccine. J & J-Vakzin After two doses of Biontech / Pfizer, three doses of Biontech / Pfizer can provide greater protection against severe Govt-19 diseases. After three doses of Biontech / Pfizer, the antibodies increased significantly, but decreased again within a few weeks.

The study authors explained that the levels of antibodies were significantly higher four weeks after the J&J booster vaccine. However, only 65 subjects were involved in the study. (AFP with Md)

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