Gang crime: Hundreds killed in violence in Haiti

Status: 07/16/2022 8:27 pm

The situation in Haiti is spiraling out of control. Hundreds of people were killed or injured in a slum in the capital Port-au-Prince this month alone. Appeals from the UN were desperate.

Haiti is increasingly plagued by organized crime and brutal violence. According to the United Nations, more than 230 people were killed or injured in over five days in overcrowded slums in the capital Port-au-Prince alone.

According to the UN High Commissioner, between July 8 and 12 people were victims of gang crimes in the Cité Soleil district. Most of the victims are said to have no direct links to criminal gangs. In the first half of this year alone, the UN recorded 934 deaths, 684 injuries and 680 abductions related to acts of violence in Haiti.

“We call on the authorities to ensure that all human rights are protected and put at the heart of the response to the crisis,” the UN human rights office said in a statement. The fight against impunity and sexual violence and strengthening human rights monitoring should be priorities.

UN mission extended

On Friday, the UN The Security Council called on all member states to end arms sales to gangs in Haiti. According to the resolution submitted by Mexico and the United States, “the transfer of small arms and ammunition to non-state actors” should be prohibited. It also provides for the possibility of imposing individual sanctions on gang bosses.

In addition, the Security Council extended the existing UN mission in the Caribbean country for another year until mid-July 2023.

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A Caribbean country with many problems

Haiti is considered the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It has been disrupted in recent years by natural disasters such as earthquakes and cyclones, as well as political unrest and crime. President Jovenal Moss was assassinated last year. Since then, Ariel Henry has led the government as prime minister, and a date for new elections has yet to be set.

Currently, people are suffering due to rising food prices and fuel scarcity.

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