For warships: Ankara blocks phosphorus and tartanelles

Status: 02/28/2022 8:54 pm

Turkey refuses to allow warships to pass through Phosphorus and Tartanelles. The government relies on the Montreux Convention. In the war with Ukraine, at least four Russian warships are currently waiting for permission to pass.

In the wake of the Ukraine war, Turkey banned warships from passing through the Straits of Phosphorus and Tortenelles. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Ankara had warned neighboring countries not to send warships across the Black Sea.

In his statement, Cavusoglu referred to the 1936 Montreux Treaty, which regulated the passage of ships across the Turkish Strait. “We use the rules of the Montrooks Convention,” Cavusoglu stressed. Turkey, Russia and Ukraine are the countries bordering the Black Sea. The Phosphorus and Tortenelles Straits connect the Black Sea with the Marmara and Aegean Seas.

Erdogan against the Russian invasion

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been clear on Kiev’s side since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We reject Russia’s military action,” Erdogan said last week. The invasion was “a major blow to peace and stability in the region.” NATO member Turkey has reiterated its close ties with Ukraine in recent years.

Erdogan strongly condemned the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 – and because of the historical presence of the Turkish Tatars on the peninsula. Turkey selling war drones to Ukraine has angered Moscow. At the same time, Erdogan is said to have good relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trade relations expanded

Despite various positions, including the Syrian conflict, Ankara and Moscow have strengthened their trade and security ties in recent years. Turkey’s acquisition of Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft missile system has caused dissatisfaction among NATO partners.

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