Toxic compliment to Kremlin boss: Washington: Thanks to Putin, the West is united

Toxic compliment to the Kremlin boss
Washington: Thanks to Putin, the West is united

According to the US government, there is currently a strong sense of solidarity in the West. Washington cites one person in charge of close alliance: Vladimir Putin, leader of the Kremlin.

According to the US government, the Russian invasion of Ukraine led to the closure of troops within NATO and other Western allies. White House spokesman Zhen Zaki called Russian President Vladimir Putin “one of the unifying forces of NATO in modern history.” He added at a news conference: “What you see here is a united Europe, a united West, standing up against the aggression and aggression led by NATO President Putin.”

Of course, one would like Moscow to take expansionary measures. The demonstrative unity of the coalition, however, sends a clear message to Putin that his actions and rhetoric are unacceptable. US President Joe Biden has said that “efforts are being made around the world to form this coalition, which includes many countries in Europe, but in other parts of the world as well, to oppose President Putin, to stand up to the aggression and oppose the invasion.” Ukraine. All of these concerted actions are not coincidental. “

There is no no-fly zone over Ukraine

Psaki said the US government was opposed to setting up a no-fly zone over Ukraine. “It will require the deployment of US troops to carry it out, which could mean a direct confrontation, a direct confrontation and a possible war with Russia, which we do not want to engage in,” Psaki said.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also denied that a no-fly zone had been set up over Ukraine. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Ukraine’s airspace. Appropriate coordination measures are therefore being explored to avoid accidents or mishaps. “We have not yet made a firm decision and we have no indication that the Russians will be interested in exploring these options,” Kirby said.

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