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Instead of Kamelle and Alaf: Shrove in Cologne turns into a peace demonstration on Monday | Regional


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Alaaf and Schunkel had no fever. Today there are peace demonstrations in Shrove Monday and Cologne.

As Putin’s tanks rolled over in Ukraine, Cologne festival artists decided on Thursday to hold a peace demo instead of Shrove Monday’s procession.

The bloody pigeon of peace seems to have been hoisted on the Russian flag: part of the Perseflage wagon in Chlodwigplatz, which Shrove will lead to a peace demonstration on Monday.

Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

“It’s a sign of the unity of the people in Ukraine and a sign of war against war in Europe,” said Holkar Kirch, the leader of the Cologne Shrove Monday procession.

Thousands protest peace rally in Cologne on Monday

Thousands protest peace rally in Cologne on Monday

Photo: Patric Fouad

Mayor Henriet Recker (Independent) speaks of a signal “against war in Europe”: “This is not just a festival organized here, it’s the people of Cologne who have not come to the demo for decades.” And: “All: Survivors of war and violence are welcome in Cologne at any time. I have boundless admiration for all the brave Russians who have been taking to the streets of their country since Friday.

This woman disguised as a cat,

The woman, disguised as a cat, put forward the phrase “a person has only one life”

Photo: Patric Fouad

Shrove wears a protective mask with an inscription during a peace demonstration on Monday "War will never come again !!!  Stop Putin !!!"

During a peace demonstration in Shrove on Monday, a festival-goer chanted “Don’t fight again !!! Stop Putin !!!”

Photo: Oliver Berg / DPA

Demonstration by Carnival Float titled Ukraine.

“It’s a serious intention,” Kirsch says. “We see the Russian flag carrying the dove of peace. Lots of blood in this cart. Russia does not care about peace, it does not care about Europe, it pursues its own goals, and this car perfectly expresses it.

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Shrove's Putin-centric pastime vehicle in front of a peace demonstration in Newmarket on Monday

Shrove parked a parody car with Putin’s motive ahead of Monday’s peace demonstration in Newmarket

Photo: Henning Kaiser / DPA

The peace rally with tens of thousands of participants moves through the city of Cologne from ten o’clock. Along the way political and social critical festival floats were set up.

According to the participants, the mood was low. Just before twelve o’clock, a large number of people – some without costumes, advanced only a few hundred meters in protest.

A song was sung on Chlodwigplatz, written by the mothers of young Ukrainian soldiers and slain freedom fighters in the past. Many knelt during the song.

According to the festival committee, the protest march will have to travel a distance of 4.5 km through the city center. Cologne mayor Henriet Recker (non-party) will speak at a rally in Severinstorb, where the procession usually begins on Monday.

The festival artists have signed with the inscription "Create Fastlovend!  Not war!" Shrove gathered for a peace demonstration on Monday in Severinstor

Carnavalists shouted “Mac Fostelovent! No war!” Shrove gathered for a peaceful protest on Monday in Severinstor

Photo: Oliver Berg / DPA

“We can do more than just celebrate the Cologne Carnival. Above all, it fosters unity and community, values ​​like freedom and equality are our greatest asset,” said Christoph Kukelkorn, chairman of the festival committee. A spokesman stressed that there would be no “regular elements” such as floats, carts or camels in the Shroud Monday procession.

The Classic Rose Monday parade was canceled due to a corona infection. As a small alternative, the festival committee actually planned the Shrove Monday festival with a parade at Cologne Grounds. But in the wake of the Russian attack on Ukraine, festival artists decided to cancel the festival on Thursday and organize a peaceful demonstration instead.

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Garde / Map: Shrove Monday 2022 in Cologne - 12 places pastiche exhibition - Chart

Participants must wear masks and the 3G rule – they must be tested, vaccinated or recovered. The city banned heavy trucks from driving through downtown Shrove until midnight on Monday.

The event is sponsored by Cologne artists and associations such as “Arsch Huh” and “Across Köln is stand”.

Mayor Henriet Recker (Independent) and Cologne Carnival Festival Committee Chairman Christophe Kukelkorn at the peace demonstration

Mayor Henriet Recker (Independent) and Cologne Carnival Festival Committee Chairman Christophe Kukelkorn at the peace demonstration

Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Hendrik West (46, CDU) hailed the peace demonstration as “the greatest achievement of an organized festival”. But other groups involved and civil society also played their part, Wüst said. “Two years after the epidemic, the people of Cologne would like to celebrate again, but that’s not possible now. War and festival in Europe do not go together,” West said. He also wanted to take part in the demonstration. “I want to go with you all the way. This is the best way to stay on our feet today, that is, to demonstrate for peace and freedom in Europe.”

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