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Status: 05.01.2022 6:32 am will inform you about the effects of the Corona virus outbreak in Lower Saxony, Shellsvik-Holstein, McLenberg-Western Pomerania and Hamburg – on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, in Live Ticker. Must read yesterday’s news and events In the Tuesday blog.

Briefly essentials:

  • School starts in Hamburg With classroom teaching
  • Before the Education Ministers Conference: Brian speaks out against school closures
  • Health ministers advise on the duration of isolation
  • Corona virus update: booster vaccine According to Troston, Omigron is the best defense against variation
  • New infections confirmed in the north: 2,897 inches Schellswick-Holstein – Nationwide 58,912

Tables and charts: This is how the vaccination campaign in the North works
Map: New infections in northern German districts

06:31 p.m.

There have been 58,912 new corona infections reported across the country

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) once again reports an increase in the seven-day incidence of new infections nationwide per 100,000 population – a figure currently stands at 258.6. Yesterday’s value was 239.9, a week ago 205.5 and a month ago 439.2. Health officials in Germany reported 58,912 new corona infections to RKI in a single day. A week ago today there were 40,043 infections. Across Germany, a further 346 deaths were reported in 24 hours due to corona infection. A week ago there were 414 people. The number of corona patients (hospital event) admitted to clinics per 100,000 people within seven days was given by RKI as 3.12 yesterday.

05:55 am

Holidays in Hamburg: Tests with 200,000 school students

Despite the massive increase in corona numbers and the more pervasive Omicron variant, lessons begin today In schools for about 200,000 students in Hamburg. The authority justifies the adherence to direct teaching with the political consensus in Germany that the closure of schools should be the only last resort if the negative effects of homeschooling and all other activities are completely exhausted for many students.

According to school officials, the frequency of tests for children and adolescents during the first two weeks of school after the school holidays will be increased to three tests per week in order to increase protection against infection. Staff will only be allowed to enter schools if they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested. In addition, the need for masks continues in all school buildings, and classrooms should be ventilated every 20 minutes for five minutes.

Video: Before school starts: How do face-to-face lessons work? (2 min)

05:52 am

KMK leader Brian speaks out against school closures

The chair of the Standing Conference (KMK), Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Education Karin Prien (CDU), spoke out against school closures before today’s consultation with his country colleagues. In an NDR interview, he said that if the infection rate and data allow, and if there is nothing against it from a scientific point of view, the principle of “schools should be closed last” should continue to be used. It is agreed that strict hygiene measures with the need for masks will be maintained in the classroom.

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Brian argued that reducing isolation and isolation time for school staff and thinking about how effective 14-day isolation would be for school students.

After today’s consultations and a review of current data, the Standing Conference wants to begin making recommendations for the federal-state round on Friday.

05:45 am

Health ministers discuss isolated rules

05:45 am

Federal and state health ministers are due to meet today via video conference Growing wave of omigrans to discuss change in corona isolated rules. The Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of Health, which currently chairs the Conference of Health Ministers (GMK), made the announcement yesterday evening. That means department heads will meet with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholes on Friday ahead of the prime minister’s consultation. There is currently debate as to whether corona isolation can be reduced in order to maintain vital distribution areas if the number of infections is to increase rapidly due to the widespread viral variant of Omigron. However, patient lawyers require close PCR laboratory tests as a condition for this.

05:45 am

Service: Determine the event value for your place of residence

The seven-day incidence of new corona infections is also moving in northern Germany. If you would like to know the situation in your city or district, enter your postal code here.

05:42 am

Schleswig-Holstein: Maximum value for infections and events

The number of new corona infections reported in Schleswig-Holstein and the seven-day incidence have reached new highs. As many as 2,897 new infections were reported to authorities within 24 hours, up from 2,209 the previous day, up from 1,131 a week earlier, according to the state registry. There may have been a sharp increase in late registrations after the holidays. The incidence of new infections per 100,000 population per week has risen significantly to 352.8 (previous day: 295.5 / previous week: 158.1). The death toll from the virus has tripled to 1,892 since the outbreak.

05:40 p.m.

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05:38 am

Lauterbach wants a quick vaccination without a vaccine record

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) aims to quickly introduce a public corona vaccine duty without establishing a vaccine register. As a member of the Bundestag, Lauterbach told Germany’s editorial network that he was working on a program for the general vaccine requirement for people over 18 years of age. “It should be unofficial and done without the vaccine record.” We can not wait until the compulsory vaccine becomes overused because there is a very high level of pollution among the population. Omikron is a dirty vaccine, not an alternative to the mandatory vaccine, “the minister said. The Bundestag wants to discuss the introduction of a general mandatory vaccine this month.

Last year, Bundestock had already decided that health workers should be vaccinated, which would apply from mid-March. There are already cases in the Federal Constitutional Court.

05:35 am

Social Associations: Those in need need more support

Prior to the federal-state consultation on Friday, community associations demanded financial assistance for Hartz IV recipients and better vaccination advice for those with chronic illness. VdK leader Verina Bentale told Germany’s editorial network that people with many chronic diseases still report to the community association VdK, whose doctors advise against vaccination. But if their disease is not listed on the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) they will not receive a medical certificate stating that they cannot be vaccinated. These individuals need specialized advice on whether they can be vaccinated and by which vaccine. “Anyone who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons needs a medical certificate and should not be excluded from social life,” Bentale said. In view of Omikron’s coming wave, Ulrich Schneider, managing director of Paritätischer Gesamtverband, expects federal and state governments to speak out in favor of “faster and more support” for those receiving basic social security benefits.

05:32 am

Corona virus update: booster vaccine, according to virologist Trostan, is the best defense against the Omigron variant

In the new chapter NDR Info podcasts Corona virus update, Christian Troston, lead virologist at Berlin Charitable, provides a comprehensive account of the spread of the Omigron variant of the corona virus. In his opinion, variation will dominate Germany at the end of the month, as it already does in other countries. Preliminary studies and data from the UK show that the risk of essential hospital treatment is obviously lower – higher for those who have been vaccinated than for those who have not been vaccinated. In this context, Troston once again points out the importance and effectiveness of booster vaccines. The strong focus placed on the booster vaccine is perfect.

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The scientist attributes this group to the fact that there are about three million people over the age of 60 in Germany who have not been vaccinated. The high infectivity of Omikron will inevitably lead to infections and diseases with various studies. He expects a steep increase in infections soon. Troston therefore considers reducing the isolation time to be important because: “If someone who was the only person involved had to stay home for 14 days to be safe, you would be overwhelmed with the omigron wave, which quickly loses manpower.

The virologist openly warns against the widespread assumption that, given the less severe course, it is better to pass the infection than to be vaccinated.

Das Coronavirus © CDC on Unsplash Photo: CDC on Unsplash

Audio: Corona virus update: risk and optimism of the Omikron variant (102 min)

5:30 p.m.

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