Pregnant Israelis have the flu and corona at the same time


January 04, 2022 – 10:05 am Clock

Double infection in pregnant women

In Israel, a pregnant woman contracted a corona infection Fever Infected. Several Israeli media outlets reported the news on Friday. A double infection was diagnosed at the Robin Medical Center in Betta Dikwa. The woman is said to have no severe symptoms. She was not vaccinated against corona or the flu.

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The long-term effects are still uncertain

The Israeli Ministry of Health is now examining whether the combination of corona and influenza can cause serious illness or long-term consequences. Experts believe that there are already several cases of “fluorona” (a combination of the words corona and the English word flu “flu”), but patients have not been tested for both viruses. (ARR)

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Big business with epidemics: At a time when everyone is worried about their health, fraudsters are always finding new ways to make money illegally. Fake vaccine cards, negative tests or fraud at testing centers – lurking everywhere. Even top politicians are suspected of filling their own pockets during the Corona era. Our correspondents have done research across Europe – the full documentary on RTL +.

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