Israeli study: researcher disappointed in fourth corona vaccine

Science “Good, but not enough”

Israeli study – researcher disappointed in fourth corona vaccine

“The Omigron twist is here”

Despite the delay in reporting, the number of corona infections is higher than the previous week. “The Omikron breakthrough we feared is here,” says Olaf Gersmann, WELT’s Head of Business. The target of 80 per cent vaccination quota will not be achieved by the end of January.

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Scientists have found that antibodies increase fivefold after the fourth corona vaccine. After a while, however, you will return to the same level after the third dose. It is not yet clear what this means.

D.The head of the Israeli study on the effectiveness of the fourth corona vaccine sees a five-fold increase in antibodies as “good, but not enough”. “We see a definite increase in antibodies, but the increase is not very pleasant,” said Kylie Regev, a professor at the Israeli news website “ynet” who spoke on Wednesday about the initial results of the study.

After the fourth vaccination, after the third vaccination, you return to the same antibody level, Reque said. She was expecting more from the second booster vaccine. Vaccination against the corona virus every four months may not be the goal.

He was delighted that endangered groups of people with immunodeficiency and those over 60 in Israel had already been given a fourth dose, Regev said. “But I do not know if they should be given to everyone now. We need more information.”

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Viral variant and booster vaccine

Recave also stressed the enormous importance of the first booster vaccine: “Those who receive the first and second dose should urgently receive the third dose.” Those who have not yet received the booster are advised to “run” to the vaccination center, he advised.

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Another attempt with the fourth dose of vaccine against the corona virus began Wednesday at Shiba Hospital. 150 participants should receive a fourth vaccine with Moderna after three doses of the product from Biontech / Pfizer. “The combination of vaccines may be better,” Rekaev said. This is the first attempt worldwide with a fourth vaccine with integrated vaccines.

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Political Editor Luisa Hofmeier

Of the 9.4 million Israelis, only about 61 percent are still considered fully vaccinated. Those with a second vaccine and a booster vaccine are vaccinated twice every six months. Thirty percent of the population has never been vaccinated, and nine percent have had their vaccine expired. According to the Ministry of Health, more than four million Israelis have already received the third dose, and more than 70,000 have received the fourth dose.

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