Air and naval strikes: Pentagon: Russian troops are “in despair”

Air and sea attack
Pentagon: Russian troops are ‘in despair’

According to the US Department of Defense, Russian troops are still trapped outside the gates of Kiev. The United States says the armed forces are “frustrated and confused” by Ukraine’s opposition. It is now about to be broken off from the overpass.

According to the Pentagon, Russia is currently stepping up military offensive by air and sea because of the “efficiency” of the Ukrainian military, which is blocking the advance of its own troops. A senior U.S. defense official in Washington said the Kremlin was “actively trying” to speed up its war. Russian troops were “frustrated and confused” by the Ukrainian opposition, which, despite the large number of soldiers, faced attacks despite being armed.

According to a US official, the armed forces have recently stepped up operations under the command of Russian President Vladimir Putin – they have carried out more than 300 airstrikes in the last 24 hours alone. Kyiv also responded with increased air activity.

The U.S. official said that Moscow had launched air-surface missiles primarily from Russian or Belarusian airspace towards Ukrainian targets, and that only a few missions were involved in close combat. “Ukrainians protect their airspace very efficiently so they do not go too far or too far into Ukrainian airspace.”

In the northern Black Sea, Russia is showing “increased naval activity” by deploying several warships, the official said. However, this is not a clear sign of an impending attack on the port city of Odessa.

“What we see here is an almost desperate attempt by the Russians to change the situation in their favor,” the official said. He pointed out that on the 26th day of the attack, Russian forces were trapped 15 kilometers in the northwest and 30 kilometers in the east.

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