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War in Ukraine: Biden warns of Russian chemical attack


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Status: 03/22/2022 06:36 am

According to US President Biden, Kremlin leader Putin is considering using chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine. In addition, Biden warned of the possibility of a Russian cyber attack on US facilities.

US President Joe Biden has reiterated that Russia is considering using chemical weapons in Ukraine. The Kremlin emphasizes the fabricated allegations that there are biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine. Moscow says the US will stop such weapons in Europe – which is certainly wrong. This is a clear indication that Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering using such weapons.

“Putin is behind the wall”

Putin stands with his back to the wall and makes false accusations against Ukraine. Russia’s worst situation is evident from the use of high-speed “Kinjal” missiles in the Ukraine war. According to experts, its use in this situation will not bring any advantage over conventional missiles. “They fired the hypersonic missile because it’s the only thing they can get with absolute certainty,” Biden said in Washington. It is almost impossible to stop the rocket.

The Ukrainians will do great damage to Russia’s tanks, helicopters or planes – even with the weapons of Western allies, Biden said. “Now Putin is standing on his back against the wall.”

Cyber ​​Attack Warning

In addition, Biden warned of Russian cyber-attacks on US facilities. There are intelligence findings that Moscow is planning attacks against vital infrastructure in the United States. The government in Washington is ready for this, but Russia has certainly developed capabilities in the field of digital warfare.

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At the same time, he called on American corporate bosses to improve their cyber security. Private companies can also be the target of hacker attacks. It is a “patriotic duty” to protect against foreign cyber attacks. The government will also support the defensive measures of the companies.

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