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Boeing 737 “completely destroyed” – Eyewitnesses say dramatic plane crash in China


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The plane crashed in China. 132 people were on board before: eyewitnesses to the first crash have been released.

+++ 1.30pmChina Eastern Airlines has confirmed the death of passengers and crew in a plane crash in China. However, the airline did not specify the exact number of victims on its website. “The company extends its deepest condolences to the passengers and crew who lost their lives in the plane crash,” the statement said. The plane was carrying 123 passengers and nine crew. State media reported that rescue operations in the mountainous area were difficult as darkness fell.

Boeing 737 “completely destroyed”: Eyewitnesses report that the plane crashed in China

+++ 12.35 pm: The plane carrying 132 people crashed in China. The Boeing 737 was actually heading to Guangzhou in Guangdong Province. Speculations are currently rife as to the cause of the accident. State media dpa quoted an expert as saying that “even if both engines of the Boeing 737 malfunctioned at the same time, it could not fall at that speed because the plane could slide further.”

The video from the Chinese television channel CCTV shows more rescue workers arriving at the scene of a plane crash in southern China’s Tengxian County.

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An eyewitness told the Hongxing Xinwen news site how he drove the car and suddenly saw the plane crash. “It was an entire plane, without smoke or fire, that fell vertically.” The crash site is about 300 kilometers west of Guangzhou. Xi Jinping, China’s leader and party leader, called on the airline to properly handle the aftermath of the crash and investigate possible hazards to air traffic. China Eastern Airlines immediately ordered all its Boeing 737s to land first.

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Boeing 737 “completely destroyed”: Eyewitnesses report that the plane crashed in China

Updated from 11am on Monday 21st March 2022: Terrible plane crash in southern China. There were 132 people on board China Eastern Airlines’ Boeing 737, according to the Beijing Air Transport Authority. The first witness statement has now been released.

Villagers said the machine was “completely destroyed”, according to the German Press Agency. According to the news website Jimu Shinwen, the wildfire has now been extinguished. Rescue teams, including firefighters and locals, are on hand to help with the crash site in Deng County, Guangxi Province in southern China. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

A plane with 132 people on board crashes in China – new information has come out

According to the FlightRadar24 website, the Boeing-737 lost height dramatically in the Wujo at 2:22 pm (local time) three minutes before losing contact with the engine. This was reported by the AFP news agency. The airline changed the color of its website to gray to express its sadness.

This screenshot, taken from a video obtained by The Paper by AFPTV on March 21, 2022, shows ambulances returning to a side road after a plane crash in Wujo City’s Deng County.


China: Plane with 132 people on board crashes – first detail known

First Report Monday, March 21, 2022: BEIJING – A terrible plane crash has occurred in China. China Eastern Airlines plane crashes The crash happened near Wuzhou in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi, Chinese state television said on Monday. This is a Boeing 737-800NG aircraft. The crash was confirmed by the Beijing Air Transport Authority. There were 132 people on board, including nine crew members. In the first reports, about 133 prisoners were talked about.

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According to preliminary information, the plane was carrying flight number MU5735 from Kunming in Yunnan province to Guangzhou in Guangdong province. According to state media, rescue teams have already been assembled and dispatched to the crash site in Deng County. A wildfire broke out after the crash. Several videos circulating on the Chinese Internet are said to have been taken near the scene of the accident.

China: Plane with 133 people on board crashes

In one of the videos, a large amount of smoke can be seen from a distance as the forest is on fire. Another shows pieces of trash that locals claim were filmed on their cell phones. According to the German Press Agency, the authenticity of the videos could not be confirmed initially.

The plane crashed in a remote and mountainous area of ​​Deng County, about 300 kilometers from Guangzhou. The plane’s status was changed to “crash” within minutes of the initial reports of the crash being reported on the mobile travel app. (tu / slo with dpa and AFP)

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