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Wreckage of missing F-35 fighter jet found in South Carolina


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US Army… Search for the missing F-35 fighter jet Engine wreckage may have been discovered.

You have these US-Bundestaat South Carolina in Williamsburg County Joint Base Charleston announced Monday evening (local time).

“Please report”: US Army appeals to public

The US military lost a fighter jet on Sunday. During a training mission, a Marine Corps pilot activated the ejection seat due to a “blunder.” The pilot made a safe parachute landing in North Charleston around 2 p.m was taken to a local hospitalA military spokesman said he was in a stable condition there.

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From his plane – an F-35 – At first there was no trace. The military later asked the public for help in locating the F-35. This caused all kinds of ridicule.

Ein F-35B Lightning II ter Royal Air Force.
© imago/CTK Photo/IMAGO/Jaroslav Ozana

The plane went missing in what military sources said was an “accident” on Sunday afternoon (local time). According to its own reports, the US military is initially focused on the search Two lakes north of North Charleston And hoped to get support from the public in the search.

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“If you have any information that could help our search parties locate the F-35, Please call the air force base“, Joint Base Charleston wrote At X (formerly Twitter).

Missing F-35: Public mocks search operation

“US military missing F-35. If you see one, it might be their jet,” US broadcaster CNN headlined in the afternoon.

Nancy Mays, a local Republican congresswoman. Commented on X (formerly Twitter) lack of understanding of the unusual search message: “How do you lose an F-35? How can we be without a tracking device, and we ask the public to find the jet and pilot it?

We know the F-35 is stealthy, but this is ridiculous.

Nancy MaysRepublican Congresswoman

According to the Guardian, the F-35 is actually designed to be hard to find. Local police are also involved With a helicopter to search for a missing fighter jet. Authorities are investigating why the pilot was ejected.

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The German government recently decided to add 35 jets of this type to their fleet. (teaspoon, dpa)

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