Eight climate targets at risk: BBC: London wants to delay end of combustion engines

Eight climate goals are at risk
BBC: London wants to delay end of combustion engines

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British Prime Minister announces a speech on climate protection that will be more “in proportion”. According to the BBC, Sunak plans to slash eight climate targets. For example, the end of combustion cars should be postponed from 2030 to 2035.

According to a media report, the conservative British government wants to postpone the end of combustion engines. As the BBC reported this evening, according to the plans, new vehicles with pure petrol or diesel engines could be sold until 2035, rather than only until 2030 as previously planned. A total of eight climate protection measures could be overridden. The end of new installations by 2035 are planned rules for gas heating and better energy efficiency in homes.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed the statement in principle. He announced in a statement in the evening that he would make a speech in the coming days in response to the publication. In it he wanted to announce an “important long-term decision so that our country becomes the place we all want for our children.” He said the government was committed to the goal of climate neutrality by 2050, but it needed to be achieved in a “more proportionate way”. “Our approach will always be pragmatic and ensure costs are not passed on to hard-working families.” He is also proud that Britain is leading the world in climate protection.

Johnson’s “Green Revolution” is under scrutiny

The current 2030 target was set almost three years ago as the centerpiece of then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans for a “green revolution”. It was only in July that the responsible minister, Michael Gove, reaffirmed the government’s support for the policy. But there is growing concern among environmentalists that Sunak is not ready to pursue an ambitious climate policy ahead of next year’s election.

Speculation about further watering down of climate targets has also come as a surprise to the conservative ruling party. Sky News correspondent Sam Coates reports that British representatives have not even been sworn in at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

A spokesman for the opposition Labor Party described the government’s alleged change of course as “absolute farce”. The government should clarify immediately,” he said. “The country cannot continue like this with a conservative government in disarray, stumbling from one crisis to the next.”

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