Russia before the revolution? Putin’s “final countdown” has begun

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Ukraine war was Putin’s biggest mistake – Russia is now on the brink of revolution: Russian opposition figure Ilya Ponomarev sees it that way.

Moscow – in Ukraine war Ukrainian forces are not the only ones fighting against Russia. Freedom fighters who take a stand against the current Russian government are also participating in the protest. Can these soldiers be the Kremlin boss? Vladimir Putin More dangerous?

At least Russian opposition figure Ilya Ponomarev thinks so. The politician was a member of the Duma – that is, a member of the Russian parliament – from 2007 to 2016. In March 2014, he was one of 450 members of parliament who voted against Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. Opposite news magazine Newsweek Ponomaryov now says Putin has ambitions for a war of aggression against Ukraine Prerequisites for the “New Russian Revolution”. was created.

Russia before the revolution? Kremlin critics believed

“In our situation, I think it is inevitable that we will face violence and armed resistance. I don’t think it will work without armed resistance,” the Kremlin critic told US media. He thinks there is a realistic possibility of such a scenario. “That is why we are preparing military elements with the Russians Ukraine Currently fighting with the Ukrainian army on the front line. They are ready to go to Russia at a critical moment,” Ponomarev added.

According to him, about 4,000 nationals have been integrated into the Ukrainian army. Several hundred are also active in volunteer regiments. One of these regiments was the “Free Legion of Russia”.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24. (Archive image) © Mikhail Voskresenskiy/AFP

The first operations became public in March – shortly after the Russian attack on the neighboring country – at which time there was talk of 100 fighters. The legion is said to have consisted of two battalions. Information cannot be independently verified.

“For Russia! For freedom!”

However, their public success cannot be denied Ukraine conflict: Nearly 130,000 people follow Russian militants on the Telegram messenger service. “We are ready to pay our debt of honor to the Ukrainian people with our blood and, if necessary, with our lives,” reads one of the countless posts. His posts are always “For Russia! For freedom!”.

“I’m not in touch with them, I’m very actively involved,” Ponomarev told them Newsweek. “Right now there are a few hundred on the front end. But in the pipeline we’re talking about thousands.” The opposition leader also told the US magazine about dissident groups operating inside Russia, including a guerrilla group known as the “National Republican Army” (NRA). Right-wing nationalist Alexander Dugin’s daughter murdered Responsible.

On August 20, a car driven by Russian war supporter Daria Dukina exploded near Moscow. Russia blamed Ukraine’s secret services for the attack. US intelligence services also suspect Ukraine of being behind the crime. Kiev Denies any involvement. Whether the NRA actually exists has yet to be confirmed by reliable sources.

Ukraine war heralds Putin’s “final countdown.”

The revolution is now Russia Still some distance away, Ponomaryov believes. “I think that will happen next year,” the Putin opponent said. “He radicalized society so much that I predicted in March that his birthday on October 7 would be his last,” the opposition figure said of the Russian leader. “I’m sticking to it.”

From the president’s point of view, he can only shake his head at Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. “Financially, the Russian regime was in good shape. There were no significant threats to him within society,” Ponomaryov added: “I didn’t think he would invade Ukraine and put himself in such grave danger. When February 24 began, I said the final countdown had begun. (DVD)

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