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Video from eastern Ukraine: Putin on the path of “peacekeepers”


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Status: 02/23/2022 11:36 pm

Russia announced on Monday that it was sending troops to Ukraine. Shortly afterwards, military vehicles were filmed near Donetsk – without national symbols, but with a special anti-mining system.

By Patrick Jensing, ARD fact-finding authors

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday provoked an international crisis by recognizing “People’s Republics” in Ukraine. Moreover, Putin announced that he wanted to send troops to the neighboring country. The president referred to these as “peacekeeping forces” – and it was not clear to the public when Russian troops would be sent to Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the Reuters news agency released footage of what was allegedly filmed near Donetsk in Ukraine. According to Reuters, the video was taken by an eyewitness in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Mahiwka. On a main road you can see a column of military vehicles, personnel carriers and tanks.

The vehicles added information to Reuters pictures that there were no national symbols and that Reuters reporters had never seen any military vehicles there before.

Location verification

The city of Makivka is located east of Donetsk, about 80 kilometers from the Russian border via Highway D0507. In hindsight, it seems entirely possible that a military contingent could have closed this route after Putin’s announcement.

Also check location information: The video shows the various signs that provide information. In this case, it is very clear because it is identified with the inscription of the city. Above it is another sign that reads Happy Holidays – Russia’s Knights’ Day – and an eye-catching billboard.

Highway between Makiivka and Donetsk

Various searches, including screenshots of the video, Russian mapping tools, and the phone number found in the video, led to various addresses and other image documents. You can see the symptoms mentioned – And the location of the record can be verified as follows: The video was actually recorded on the highway between Makiivka and Donetsk.

Screenshot of a YouTube video showing a billboard and question marks.

City signs can also be found on Yandex maps – but the images are out of date, from 2010.

In addition, the Reuters video is up to date: in addition to the credible information provided by the agency, various checks also support this. The video has never appeared on the Internet before; Additionally, another recent video from Autobahn shows the same billboards in this space.

Presented on request by a Twitter user from Ukraine Note In the video from the highwayIn it you will find related signs and advertisements.

What vehicles and systems can be found?

Reuters video shows a whole series of military vehicles and troop hijackings, and special vehicles moving in the column. This may be the UR-77 “Meteorit” mining permit system From Soviet production Is developing.

Such demining methods have been seen in various videos online for the past few days and weeks. The videos are said to have shown Russian troops stationed on the border with Ukraine – Russia and Belarus.

Weeks ago, military special sites reported that Russia was relocating UR-77s to the border, a sign that military experts were taking as a signal of an impending invasion of Ukraine. Because he wrote that these special forces would be an important weapon to break the connection in the Donbass “Forbes” store.

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Expert confirms: UR-77 along the way

Confirmed at the request of Gustav Gressell, Military Expert of the European Council for Foreign Relations According to a Reuters video, it is a UR-77 demining system. First, a pioneering company can be seen in the video in the first column, Chrysler explained. It starts with laying the road, and the demining system fits in with it.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, new satellite images show another Russian troop station on the border with Ukraine. Images of a military column with a demining system are an indication that at least one major attack may be imminent.

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