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He is rich today, she is dead.

Reditech CEO John Woodward (58) was arrested at John F Kennedy Airport in New York last week. Reason: A top manager is accused of murdering computer scientist Larry Houts 30 years ago.

According to US media reports, Woodward allegedly strangled the then 25-year-old with a rope on September 5, 1992. Reason for murder: Jealousy! The tech CEO reportedly developed feelings for his roommate, who, however, was dating a computer scientist. Obviously her death sentence.

Jealousy murder: John Woodward allegedly strangled computer scientist (photo)

Photo: Mountain View Police Department

A passerby found Houts’ body in his car, the rope still around his neck. According to reports, John Woodward’s fingerprints were found on the car – but not on the car. However, there was not enough evidence to arrest the businessman.

Until now! According to the New York Post, forensic scientists were unable to prove that the 58-year-old was in the vehicle alone. Investigators also found DNA traces from Woodward on the murder weapon.

The top manager was already a suspect in the 1990s and could not produce an alibi. According to police investigations, the roommate confronted the businessman with questions about whether he had killed his girlfriend. John Woodward then moved to the Netherlands.

The tech mogul is currently in jail in New York and has not been allowed out on bail. Woodward would soon be extradited to California, where he allegedly committed the murder in 1992. The 58-year-old faces life in prison.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen said his office never stopped fighting for justice for the bereaved family of Larry Houts. “I want family and friends to know that we never gave up on Larry,” the statement read.

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