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Fight against Kiev’s bridgeheads: Russia moves another airborne unit into Ukraine


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Fight against Kiev’s bridgeheads
Russia is likely to transfer another airborne unit to Ukraine

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Moscow is now sending a newly formed airborne division into the battle against the Ukrainian bridgehead on the Dnipro. However, the British secret services underestimated the extent of the association’s training. A platoon of the division is said to have already run into trouble in the war zone.

Russia has begun deploying a newly formed airborne unit to the occupied part of Ukraine’s Kherson region, British intelligence services have said. Accordingly, the association is the 104th Guards Airborne Division.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced in August his plans to reorganize the unit, which had been reduced to the size of a brigade in 1998. “Sub-divisions include the 337th Brigade, the Additional Maneuver Brigade and the 52nd Artillery Brigade,” says the British Ministry of Defense’s current situation report. The 104th brings the number of Russian airborne divisions to five.

However, the unit’s level of training is probably inadequate and, according to reports from London, below the standards of airborne troops considered “elite”. Colonel-General Mikhail Teblinsky, the head of the Airborne Forces, who has commanded the “Dnipro Army Group” since October, will most likely keep a close eye on the division.

Two weeks ago, the pro-Russian war blog “Air Forces for Truth and Justice” mentioned a unit of the 104th Guards Airborne Division in a situation report on fighting on the Dnipro River in the Kherson region. Accordingly, the 328th Airborne Division withdrew from its position near the village of Krinki without a fight after coming under pressure from Ukrainian artillery and incidental friendly fire.

“The arson investigation failed,” he said Telegraph-Coal morning 19. November with. Earlier, Russian War propagandist Vladimir Romanov Announced a “regrouping” of the regiment. Information cannot be independently verified.

After the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, the Kherson region was largely occupied. In November last year, the Ukrainian army liberated parts of the region on the right bank of the Dnipro – including Kherson, the regional capital of the same name. In recent weeks, Ukrainian troops managed to establish several bridges on the left bank of the river.

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