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US supplies Kiev with 3D printers to repair drones


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Day 570: US supplies Ukraine with 3D printers to make spare parts. Romania threatens to shoot down Russian drones All information on news blog.

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US supplies Ukraine with 3D printers for drone repair

4.40 pm: US Deputy Secretary of State William LaPlante announced that the US has delivered several industrial 3D printers to Ukraine. These would allow Ukraine to print its own spare parts for various weapons systems, such as drones, to quickly address existing shortages.

Truck-sized 3D printers were delivered to Ukraine a month ago. The Ukrainians have been practicing this for the past week, LaPlante explained during an event. In addition to printers, Ukraine also received detailed data sets with construction plans from the United States and other allies.

Mayor Klitschko urges federal government to grant Taurus

4:15 p.m: The mayor of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, Vitaly Klitschko, is urging the central government to quickly deliver more weapons and the Taurus cruise missile system. “We Ukrainians pay a high price for every delay: it costs the lives of our patriots, our soldiers,” he told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. “Rightly so,” he told Chancellor Olaf Scholz at a meeting in Berlin on Thursday: “Support for Ukraine is crucial for peace in Europe.”



Should Germany accede to the Ukrainians’ demand for Taurus cruise missiles, or is Chancellor Scholes’ reluctance justified? Moderator Lisa Fritsch chats with T-Online Editor-in-Chief Florian Harms and T-Online Vice President of Politics Daniel Mützel in this episode of the “Debatable Topic” podcast:

Ukraine: Two cargo ships bound for Black Sea ports

4:00 PM: According to Ukrainian reports, two cargo ships visited a Ukrainian Black Sea port on Saturday for the first time since Russia withdrew from the grain deal. The ships “Resilient Africa” ​​and “Aroyat” are on their way to Chornomorsk port, where they will transport about 20,000 tons of wheat to Africa and Asia, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakow said. .

In mid-July, Moscow withdrew from a grain deal that allowed Ukraine to transport grain across the Black Sea despite Russia’s war of aggression. In early August, Ukraine opened sea lanes to merchant ships from several Black Sea ports — despite Russia’s announcement that it would target any shipping from or with Ukraine in the Black Sea after the grain deal expires.

On Saturday, several cargoes had already sailed from Ukrainian ports through the Black Sea, but there were still no routes in the opposite direction.

NATO Admiral: Russia Is Increasingly Dependent

3:30 PM: According to NATO Admiral Rob Bauer, Russia is dependent on “untrustworthy actors” due to Western sanctions and diplomatic pressure. The Russian armed forces are losing more and more ground, and Russia as a whole is suffering from the effects of economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation, Bauer said on Saturday at the annual meeting of the NATO Military Group in Oslo. “Russia is forced to cooperate with and increasingly dependent on unreliable actors,” the head of the military committee said.

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