How Crimea is unacceptable to Russia

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In the Ukraine offensive, the armed forces are targeting the liberation of Crimea. © IMAGO/Dmytro Smoliyenko

Air defense and radar systems destroyed: Ukraine offensive increasingly relies on drone strikes over Crimea That could soon change the course of the lead.

KYIV – Drilling rigs occupied by special forces, warships and air defense systems disabled: In the past few days, Ukraine has inflicted heavy losses on Russia in its fight for Crimea. And it should not be a matter of personal actions. “Russians are expecting new surprises in Crimea,” the Ukrainian government said in a statement Kyiv Post. It was said that the offensive would expand into a war against Russia.

Indeed, the attacks on the occupied Black Sea peninsula did not appear to be a random attack, but rather a targeted strategy. Many military observers actually see a sophisticated plan for the Ukraine invasion behind the now known private operations. “In the medium and long term, the goal is to make Crimea unacceptable to the Russians,” said Andras Raks, a Russia expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations. Editorial Network Germany (RNT).

Ukraine’s Counteroffensive: Drone Strikes in Crimea Aimed to Change Front

By deliberately disabling anti-aircraft defenses, Ukrainian troops will force Russia to shift its defense capabilities from the front to Crimea. The belief is that the counterattack can decisively affect the course of the front.

Casualties in Ukraine war: Russia’s military almost “blind” after radar systems destroyed

But will the plan work? However, Ukraine has inflicted significant losses on Russia in recent days. First, a special force recaptured the famous Boiko drilling rigs in the Black Sea, which Russia most recently used as a missile launch pad and radar facility during the Ukraine war. As a result of the recapture, Roux said, the Russian navy is now largely “blind.”

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After a few hours and days the consequences became clear: first, several rockets exploded at the shipyard in Sevastopol. The videos show a destroyed landing craft and two damaged submarines. Shortly after, the Ukrainian military also switched off a Russian Triumf S-400 air defense system – after a holidaymaker revealed the location in a photo.

According to military analysts, this puts Ukraine in a favorable position for attack. “Ukraine is currently opening Russian airspace over Crimea to further attacks with Storm Shadow cruise missiles,” Rocks believes. So far, Russia has been able to repel almost all of these attacks with the S-400 anti-aircraft system. However, Vladimir Putin’s military has only 25 such systems, and some have already been affected.

Ukraine Attack: US Will Soon Offer ATACMS Missiles to Liberate Crimea

With the destruction of the S-400 Triumf in Crimea, the fleet stationed there is now under pressure. So far, Russia has been launching missile attacks on Ukraine from ships and boats. But now they are increasingly under attack from the Ukraine offensive. The US has already announced the delivery of effective long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine. With these, Zelensky’s forces could reach any objective in Crimea.

So the Kremlin must withdraw part of its forward fleet and deploy it beyond the new silver bullet. But even if the ships were protected from the Crimean attack, Putin would have a drawback: missile strikes from the Black Sea region of Ukraine would no longer be possible. (jkf)

Machine assistance was used for this article written by the editorial team. The article was carefully checked by the editor, Jens Kiffmeier, before publication.

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