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The US Coast Guard stopped the man in the hamster wheel boat


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A Florida man who attempted to cross the Atlantic in a giant homemade hamster wheel boat is facing charges after being brought back to shore by the U.S. Coast Guard. It took the Coast Guard five days to get the 51-year-old to safety, according to a criminal complaint filed in Miami.

The Coast Guard was preparing for Hurricane Franklin on August 26 when emergency services found the man 110 kilometers off the coast of Tybee Island in the US state of Georgia. He explained to the crew that he was on his way to England with his “hydro-pod”. However, the Coast Guard had concluded that his vehicle was unfit for the Atlantic crossing and that he had “obviously embarked on an unsafe voyage”.

When he tried to get the man out of the vehicle, the ad said he had a knife and threatened to harm himself. The next day he threatened to blow himself up. When emergency services saw him holding the wires, they called the Navy’s explosives unit.

According to information, two more Coast Guard vessels arrived on August 28. A small boat brought food and water to the blocked Atlantic crossing, and he was also informed of the hurricane. He again refused to get out of his vehicle, but said the alleged bomb was not real.

According to US President Biden, people affected by hurricane “Italia” will receive reconstruction assistance in Florida. Currently, 1,500 federal aid workers are deployed there.

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Finally, on August 29, the Coast Guard successfully extricated the man from his vehicle. On September 1, she was taken to the US Coast Guard base in Miami Beach. According to the ad, the man had tried to travel the same route several times since 2014, although authorities had barred him from doing so.
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