Ukraine war: Russian offensive continues – “Kiev remains a target”

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Russia's military is increasingly targeting Ukraine's energy infrastructure. The death toll in the war in Ukraine is rising. News ticker about the war in Ukraine.

  • relationship One to six: Ukraine has much less ammunition than Russia
  • East The Ukraine: Russia launches missile and drone strikes again
  • The information processed here comes from international media and news agencies, the warring parties Russia and Ukraine and their allies. In particular, information about the losses of the forces involved Ukraine war Cannot be independently verified.

Updated as of March 31, 8:00 PM: Russia has shelled other cities in the Ukraine war. Rocket attacks were reported in Lviv and Kherson. At least one person was reportedly killed. It was reported by Ukrainska Pravda and refers to the information of the Ukrainian authorities.

Updated from March 31, 3:47 pm: After the new airstrikes, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky encouraged his compatriots to continue to defend themselves against Russian terrorism. Easter, celebrated by some Ukrainian Christians, is a reminder that the power of the Spirit can overcome evil, Zelensky said in a message shared on social media on Sunday.

Most Christians in Ukraine do not celebrate Easter until early May according to Orthodox custom – unlike Western churches. “May true peace come to our entire Ukraine and all war-torn countries,” Zelensky wrote on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram. “Now there is not a night or a day that Russian terrorism does not try to destroy our lives.”

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France plans to supply more weapons to Ukraine

Updated as of March 30, 11:30 am: France wants to supply more wheeled tanks and anti-aircraft missiles to Russia-attacked Ukraine. French Defense Minister S√©bastien Lecornu told “La Tribune” (Sunday edition) newspaper that an aid package related to the French military's old but still operational equipment is being developed. All-wheel drive VAB tanks are critical for troop mobility. Ukraine asked for these vehicles – they would help keep a long front line.

Ukrainian armored troop transport on its way to the front line of the Donetsk region in the war with Russia. © ROMAN PILIPEY/AFP

Klitschko warns of Putin's 'bloody end' to Ukraine war

Updated as of March 30, 6:32 am: Two years after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the area around Kiev, Mayor Vitaly Klitschko sees the risk of a renewed attack by attackers on the Ukrainian capital. “Kiev is a target and a target for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin because the capital is the heart of the country,” Klitschko said. Sunday picture. At the same time, he emphasized: “We know that, and we are much better prepared than we were two years ago for new attacks.” Klitschko said that all shots should always be taken into account. “If Putin makes such a decision, it will be a bloody decision.”

Emergency power outages in many parts of Ukraine

Updated as of March 30, 10:50 PM: State grid operator Ukrainergo temporarily cut off electricity in several areas on Saturday after Russian attacks on energy facilities in Ukraine. Energy supplier DTEK announced “emergency power outages” in Dnipropetrovsk in the south of the country and Donetsk in the east. In Sumy in the northeast and Poltava in the center of the country, regional authorities announced power outages.

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Updated as of March 30, 6:20 PM: After heavy Russian shelling hit the town of Krasnohorivka in eastern Ukraine on Saturday night, Ukrainian authorities reported two civilian deaths. A 70-year-old woman and a 73-year-old man also died in the attacks, according to information shared in a Telegram by Donetsk regional governor Vadim Flyashkin on Saturday.

In his post, Flashkin called on those remaining in the city to flee the city and seek safety, possibly indicating that his administration anticipates an approaching Russian occupation of the city. Krasnohorivka is directly on the front line in the eastern Donetsk region, more than half of which is controlled by Russian forces.

British intelligence: Russia recruits tens of thousands of soldiers every month

Updated as of March 30, 4:50 PM: British intelligence estimates that 30,000 people are currently being recruited in Russia each month for its war of aggression in Ukraine. The London-based Ministry of Defense made the announcement on Saturday in a regular situation report on the X texting service. According to the authority, the new recruits have helped the Kremlin and its military leadership to offset heavy Russian losses and seize additional territory in the occupied neighbor's east.

New defense lines in Ukrainian war: 10,000 anti-tank barriers around Kiev

Updated as of March 30, 2:15 pm: Ukraine has further strengthened its defense lines. Only in Kiev province are now almost 10,000 anti-tank defenses were erected. The so-called “dragon's teeth”. According to Governor Ruslan Kravchenko Part of an elaborate defense system of trenches, barricades and shelters. At the end of March, President Zelensky stated that the situation on the battlefield had stabilized. However, he did not rule out the possibility of a major Russian attack in late May or June.

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Kiev's troops have far less ammunition than Russia in the Ukraine war

Updated as of March 30, 12:15 PM: Kiev's troops continue to suffer from severe ammunition shortages in the war in Ukraine. Now the new commander of the Ukrainian army has made it clear how big the difference between Ukraine and Russia really is on this matter. “A few days ago the enemy's ammunition advantage was six to one,” Oleksandr Chirsky said in an interview with the state news agency. Ugrinform.

Russia has again launched missile and drone strikes in the Ukraine conflict

Updated as of March 30, 8:20 am: Death toll in Russia The war in Ukraine is controversial. Russia has not provided any information on this. But they seem reliable News portal data Mediazona, Add that BBC News Russia It collects information circulating on social media, local Russian newspapers, cemetery documents and news channels about confirmed deaths. Accordingly, the number of Russian soldiers who died now is 49,281. By comparison: According to official statistics, 14,453 Soviet soldiers died in combat during the war in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989.

Fighting Continues in Ukraine War on Easter: Wounded in Rocket Attack on Odessa

Report from March 30: MOSCOW – At least five people have been injured in a Russian missile attack on Ukraine's southern port city of Odesa, according to official reports. A 15-year-old boy was among the dead, Odessa Mayor Hennadij Trukhanov said. Both missiles could have been shot down by air defenses. But debris fell on streets and buildings.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated international assistance in air defense in his evening video address. “The enemy's main target in this rocket terrorism is our energy sector,” Zelensky said, referring to attacks in recent days that have increasingly targeted Ukrainian energy facilities. According to the electricity network operator Ukrainerho, the currently planned blackout in the East Kharkiv region is necessary. Electricity is also at risk in Odessa and Khmelnytskyi region. Air defenses are back in action in Odessa on Saturday night.

The dead and injured in a drone strike in Belgorod, Russia, during the Ukraine War

Meanwhile, one person was killed and two others were injured when a drone crashed into a residential building in Belgorod, Russia, near the border with Ukraine. The victim's wife was taken to hospital with a brain injury and burns, Governor Vyacheslav Kladkov said on his channel on the Telegram news network.

Belgorod is constantly under fire. Attacks from the Ukrainian side have recently increased significantly again. However, the number of victims and damage is still disproportionate to the disastrous consequences of the Russian invasion on the Ukrainian side. (Talk to agencies)

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