Hernia treatment: Netanyahu recovers after surgery

Hernia treatment
Netanyahu recovered after surgery

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The Israeli prime minister, who is suffering from a hernia, will undergo surgery on Easter Sunday. According to his office, the process was successful.

According to his office, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent successful surgery for a ruptured tissue known as a hernia. His office said that night that he was in good condition and beginning to recover.

According to earlier reports from his office, the 74-year-old was scheduled to undergo the procedure on Sunday and general anesthesia. Doctors discovered the tissue fracture during a routine examination on Saturday, it said. With a hernia, parts of the intestine, parts of organs, or fatty tissue protrude through a gap in the abdominal wall. The most common form of hernia is inguinal hernia.

Netanyahu's office did not provide any information on what type of hernia the prime minister was diagnosed with. Most patients can leave the hospital quickly after hernia surgery and return to normal physical activities after a few days or weeks.

Netanyahu's office previously announced that Justice Minister Zariv Levin, also the deputy prime minister, would assume the duties of head of government in the meantime. Netanyahu has been hospitalized frequently in the past due to ill health. He had a pacemaker implanted last summer.

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