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Ukraine: Fighting in the suburbs of Kiev – “The fate of the country is now determined”


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V.Firing and fighting erupted on Saturday night in the suburbs of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Russian Troops Thermal Power Station No. The agency’s communications office said it had attempted to attack 6. The Ukrainian military is defending itself. The power plant is located on the right bank of the Dniebro River in the extreme northeast of the metropolis. There is also information about explosions and automatic weapons from other places on the right bank.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russian troops attacked a military base in Kiev. The attack on the post on Kiev Victory Street was repulsed. This was not confirmed at first. An AFP correspondent said a loud explosion was heard early Saturday in central Kiev.

The Ukrainian military announced on Saturday night that a Russian transport plane loaded with paratroopers had been shot down near the town of Vasilkiv, 40 kilometers south of Kiev. U.S. intelligence sources confirmed to AP News that the shooting took place. The Russian military has not commented on the incident. Fierce fighting also took place in the Vasilkiv region. There is an Air Force base.

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Earlier in the night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky called on the people to defend the city, which has a population of more than one million. “The fate of the country is now being determined,” he said in a video message on his Telegram channel.

Saturday night Kiev: Smoke and flames rise


“The enemy will use all their strength to break our resistance,” Zhelensky said. “They are getting ready to attack Kiev tonight.” He called on all Ukrainians to “stop the enemy as much as possible.” People must remove all signs that vandals place on streets and houses. “Burn everything in your possession with enemy military technology!”

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Klitschko: Explosions in the evening at the power station

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has warned residents of the Ukrainian capital of a “very difficult night.” “The situation is threatening Kiev – without exaggeration,” he wrote on Friday evening on the Telegram news channel.

The city’s bridges were guarded by troops. There are checkpoints only within the city limits. “I thank the townspeople for being ready to defend the capital and the country (…).”

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According to Klitschko, five explosions occurred between three and five minutes later in the evening near a thermal power plant north of the city. Rescue workers are on their way there. A resident of the Troeskina district, where the power station is located, wrote to the German newspaper in the evening that he could hear a loud shelling. He is getting more and more intense. “I hear powerful explosions and explosions. It’s very close and very scary.

Odessa on fire

The Russian army had previously advanced as far as Kiev. The attacks resumed in the morning. Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has announced millions of “terrible Russian rocket attacks” on the city. Among other things, a multi-storey apartment building on the east bank of the Dniebro River was attacked and a fire broke out there. The city administration announced in a telegram that debris from the rocket had hit there. Three people were injured.

Foreign Minister Guleba has accused Russia of plotting to dehumanize Ukraine. “According to intelligence, Russia is planning a massive false flag operation ‘inhumane’ against Ukrainians and accusing Ukraine of inhumane acts,” Kuleba wrote on Twitter on Friday night. Russia has repeatedly accused the government of attacking public and kindergartens. This information could not be verified independently at first.

People in Kiev sleep at a subway station used as an air raid shelter

People in Kiev sleep at a subway station used as an air raid shelter

That: dpa / Emilio Morenatti

More than 130 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since the start of a large-scale invasion on Thursday, according to official figures.

According to Ukrainian sources, Russian soldiers fired rockets into the area around the port city of Odessa on the Black Sea coast. The Odessa border guard said several rockets were fired from the sea at border security systems on Friday. Infrastructure in the Mykolaiv area has also been affected. Several monitoring stations were damaged. It is feared that Russian troops could advance into the strategically important city of Odessa.

DWO_AP_Russian Attacks_2502_js_dpa_2

Source: dpa Infographic; Infographic world

After heavy fighting, Russian forces crossed the Dinibro River in southern Ukraine on Friday evening. The regional administration announced that it would provide access to the strategically important city of Cerson. The enemy attacked with heavy forces and suffered heavy casualties. Eventually, however, the defenders would have lost control. The leadership of the region is making every effort to maintain order and save lives. With a population of about 300,000, the city plays a key role in protecting the southwestern port city of Odessa.

2800 Russian soldiers died?

Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk insists that the Russian military invasion of Ukraine did not go as smoothly as portrayed by the leadership in Moscow. Putin underestimated the opposition, the Ukrainian military will not withdraw, said Melnyk TV station WELT:

According to our data, Putin lost 2,800 soldiers. They are huge numbers. He lost 80 tanks, 10 aircraft, and more than 500 armored cars in those one and a half days of the war of annihilation. That is why one wonders if something went wrong in the Kremlin. Something did not go as planned. ”

Melnik insisted that Kiev had not yet been lost: “We are here, we are fighting. We are ready to defend Kiev as well. In fact, the Russians are trying to encircle the capital from three sides: from the north, from the south and from the east. But we are capable of defending the city.”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has called on civilians in the Kiev war-torn neighborhood to take up arms. “We ask the citizens to inform us about the movement of the enemy, throw Molotov cocktails and neutralize the occupiers,” it said in a statement on Facebook.

According to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry in Kiev, several sabotage orders have been shut down. The saboteurs also operated in other cities. Police are searching for those who spoke Russian accent and suddenly arrived in their respective areas.

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