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Ukraine demands warships and air defense from Germany


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Ukraine demands warships and air defense from Germany

Ukraine demands warship and air defense systems from Germany

Ukraine is requesting Germany to provide warships and air defense systems. Considering the deployment of Russian troops, the FDP politician Strock-Zimmerman no longer refuses to provide weapons in self-defense.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin refers to specific weapons organizations that his country wants to use to defend itself against Russia. Meanwhile, the US government has been warning of possible plans for nuclear weapons in Belarus.

D.Ukraine has not given up even after the German government gave clear permission for the supply of arms. The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin is now naming the firm armed organizations his country expects to defend against Germany from a possible Russian attack. “It’s primarily about German warships, which are the best in the world, and there is an urgent need for strong protection of the long coast in the Black and Azov Seas,” Ambassador Andrei Melnik told the DPA news agency. “Currently there is a great demand for the most modern air defense systems manufactured by German arms companies.”

Ukraine has been demanding weapons from Germany for years to defend itself against Russian aggression – and has yet to succeed. President Olaf Scholes (SPD) issued a clear rejection of Kiev on Tuesday. “The German federal government has been pursuing a similar strategy on this issue for many years, and this means that we will not export lethal weapons,” Scholes said. “That has not changed with the regime change in December last year.”

Foreign Minister Annalena Pierbach (Greens) rejected the request during a visit to Kiev on Monday. The approach to arms distribution and restricted arms export policy is also based on German history.

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Melnick was annoyed by this justification. “It is surprising that the question of historical responsibility has been used as an argument for the rejection of military aid in Berlin,” he said. “This responsibility applies to the Ukrainian people who lost at least eight million lives during the German Nazi occupation of Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, the chair of the Security Council, Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman, noted that the issue of arms supply was being reconsidered. “We need to think about providing defensive weapons to Ukraine,” the FDP politician told Bild. But these must be precisely defined.

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Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman, 63, an FDP politician, has been chair of the Security Council in Puntestock since December 2021.

Stroke-Zimmerman said in a recent interview with the dpa: “In the Transport Lighting Alliance agreement, we refused to supply arms to crisis areas, including Ukraine.

The United States has warned of the possibility of nuclear weapons in Belarus

In the midst of the Ukraine crisis, the United States has warned that Russia’s nuclear weapons could be deployed in Belarus in the future. A U.S. State Department official said Tuesday that the constitutional amendment presented by ruler Alexander Lukashenko could allow Russia to maintain conventional and nuclear weapons in its territory. It said “there will be a challenge to European security, which may demand an answer”.

The ministry spokesman expressed concern over the arrival of Russian troops in Belarus. “The timing is significant and certainly raises fears that Russia may plan to deploy troops in Belarus under the guise of joint military exercises targeting Ukraine.” That is expected.

Lukashenko is leaning more and more towards Russia, a US State Department official said. “We know he will not receive that support for free.”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for an economic war

On Monday, Lukashenko announced joint military maneuvers with Russia. He justified the strengthening of NATO’s military presence in Poland and the Baltic states and the tense situation in Ukraine. The first Russian soldiers have now arrived in Belarus.

Lukashenko announced constitutional changes in 2020 in the face of mass protests against the controversial re-election. Moscow has the support of a longtime ruler.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen begins his European tour of Kiev on Wednesday. There he would like to discuss with the state leadership the threat posed by Russia, a military superior, before heading to high-level diplomatic meetings in Berlin and Geneva.

The West fears that Russia is preparing to invade its neighbor, as Russian troops are heavily concentrated on the Ukrainian border. The government in Moscow denies this.

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