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The fact that vaccination certificates are only valid for nine months in the future is now being digitally modified. Johnson & Johnson Vaccinated citizens should also be aware of something. All information on the news blog.

The severe corona wave is shaking Germany: in many regions, the number of infections and deaths is high, and hospitals are once again overburdened. This is due to the rapid spread of the Omigron variant. More than 72 percent of citizens in Germany are fully vaccinated.

Vaccine Certification Corrected – Johnson & Johnson needs a second vaccination

Earlier next month, digital vaccination certificates in Germany will be modified to meet the latest EU requirements and findings on the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health in Berlin said on Tuesday that the aim was to implement the EU’s requirement that vaccination certificates in the EU be valid for only nine months after the basic vaccination against the corona virus. Following this, modified requirements for the vaccine by Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine are to be implemented in Germany.

In Germany, according to a spokesman, a second vaccine that follows the Johnson & Johnson initial vaccine is considered the only vaccine with complete basic protection. If possible, he confirmed that this should be done with an mRNA vaccine such as Biontech / Pfizer or Moderna. For example, compliance with 2G access rules requires full security. The demand for it has been in effect since the weekend and should now be technically implemented, a spokesman said.

This measure must comply with the recommendation of the Standards Vaccine Commission. It recommends that all Johnson & Johnson 18-year-olds and older who received their first dose improve their immunity with the second dose of the MRNA vaccine. Immunization with the mRNA vaccine is recommended as the second vaccine dose regardless of the time of the first vaccination – but with an interval of at least four weeks. According to EU-wide approval for this vaccine, only one dose of the vaccine is required for primary immunization – the rules in Germany will be waived in the future.

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Lauterbach: Vaccinated until May

According to Federal Health Minister Carl Lauterbach, the mandatory vaccination should now come sooner rather than later. Lauterbach on RTL Direkt says: “If we want to create an application that still works, it will be mandatory to vaccinate in April, perhaps in May, those who have not yet been vaccinated will have to go through three more vaccination cycles, and then you’re already in September or October.

This needs to be done quickly so that I can avoid more waves in the fall. “I’ll expect new strains of the virus to appear in the fall.”

British companies are tightening their grip on vaccinated employees

And many British companies are tightening their grip on workers who do not want to be vaccinated against the corona virus. The supermarket chain Morrisons, online retailer Ocado, clothing retailer Next and the British branch of Swedish furnishing company Ikea have recently slashed the pay of non-vaccinated employees.

As Ikea explains, there are special circumstances, such as paid throughout pregnancy for vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees. Employees who are not vaccinated without such an exceptional case, on the other hand, receive only the legal minimum amount – about 115 euros per week.

Next, Ocado and Morrisons each confirmed the introduction of similar terms. Employees who are not vaccinated without a valid cause will receive the usual “sick pay” if they are infected with corona, but not if they need to be isolated as a result of contact with the infected person. Then there is the legal minimum.

Nearly half a million new infections in France

In France, health officials have registered nearly half a million new infections. According to official data, 464,769 proven cases of infection have been reported in a single day – more than ever since the outbreak began. A further 288 people have died in hospitals due to the corona virus infection. A total of 100,339 people were killed.

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EMA: mRNA vaccines do not cause problems in pregnant women

According to the European Pharmaceuticals Agency (EMA), corona vaccination during pregnancy with Biontech / Pfizer or Moderna vaccines poses no risk to the expectant mother or baby. There were no problems for pregnant women, the EMA said Tuesday. The vaccine also reduces the risk of hospitalization and death in pregnant women.

According to the EMA, it has evaluated a number of studies involving approximately 65,000 women who became pregnant at different stages. “There is no evidence in the review that babies born after the MRNA corona vaccine have an increased risk of pregnancy complications, miscarriage, premature birth or side effects,” the EMA said. Therefore, a vaccine offers more benefits than risks to pregnant mothers and their babies.

The EMA advised that expectant mothers should be vaccinated as pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy are at higher risk of a severe course of COV-19. The German Standing Vaccine Commission (STICO) has been recommending the corona vaccine for pregnant and lactating women since November.

New record in Denmark – more than 30,000 new infections

For the first time since the outbreak, more than 30,000 corona infections have been reported in Denmark in a single day. The National Health Institute’s daily list of SSIs added 33,493 diagnosed cases on Tuesday, including nearly 31,500 new infections and 2,000 new infections. Since the onset of the epidemic, nearly 1.2 million infections have been confirmed in the EU country with its nearly six million people. So far 3,519 people have died from corona infection in Germany’s northern neighborhood. By comparison: at the end of November, the daily number of new infections was about 5,000.

The number of patients with corona infection in Danish hospitals is currently 810, of whom 49 are in intensive care. This includes patients who have been admitted with or without a corona infection – i.e. those who may need to be hospitalized for other reasons but are infected with the corona virus.

Paraguayan President Apto has been infected with the corona virus

Paraguayan President Mario Apto Benitez has been diagnosed with the corona virus. The South American health ministry said the corona test was positive on Tuesday. The 50-year-old head of state is mildly isolated and isolated. Apto is vaccinated twice. A few days ago, it was confirmed that his wife already had a corona infection.

Most recently, the number of epidemics in Paraguay has risen. To date, nearly 500,000 people in South America have been infected with the corona virus, and nearly 17,000 patients have died in connection with Govt-19. 42 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

Corona infection has been confirmed in two of the pope’s closest servants

Two high-ranking Vatican officials and close associates of Pope Francis have been confirmed to be infected with the corona virus. The Holy See’s press office announced Tuesday that Foreign Secretary Cardinal Pietro Parolin and his deputy archbishop Edgar Pena Barra have isolated themselves in their apartments. The Cardinal Secretary of State is the Vatican’s most important diplomat, and is therefore considered the pope’s second in command after the pope.

Italian parole (67) has very mild symptoms, while Venezuela pena Barra (61) has no symptoms at all. Both clergymen were fully vaccinated with three doses. The Vatican has recently issued strict code of conduct: only vaccinated or rescued employees are allowed to enter their workplace in the papal states.

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