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Persecution of Christians: After 20 years, North Korea is not in the first place – politics abroad


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Christians are persecuted more severely in Afghanistan than in North Korea!

Christians in 76 countries face severe persecution and discrimination – more than 360 million worldwide.

In the 50 countries in the rankings alone, more than 312 million of the 737 million Christians living there are subject to the highest and most severe persecution. This was reported by the Open Doors Assistance Organization for Persecuted Christians.

Islamic extremists celebrate Taliban victory

The Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan has inspired Islamists around the world to plot. Christians in Afghanistan are ex-Muslims, so they are especially sought after by the Taliban and often killed. Thus many have left or are trying to leave the country.

Now, for the first time, the country has topped the World Persecution Index, beating North Korea, which has been in office for 20 years!

The situation of the Christians there under Kim Jong Un continues to be catastrophic: tens of thousands are forced to work in prison camps, often to the point of death. Arrests have also increased.

Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Eritrea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran and India are ranked 3rd to 10th in the world watch list.

“Politicians have not yet noticed that at least 360 million Christians are victims of much persecution and discrimination. That is why we first call on all Christians to pray for their persecuted fellow believers to do even more,” said Marcus Rhode, President of Open Doors Germany.

World Watch Table 2022 Photo: Open doors

China’s religious control model catches on

The Communist government of China (Rank 17) has established a negative model with centralized control over all religions. Xi Jinping affirms his “one nation, one people, one religion”.

More than 1,000 Christians, mostly pastors, were arrested by the protesters. Access to the Bible and Bible applications is often restricted. Church activities are closely monitored, including online meetings as much as possible.

Communist countries such as Vietnam (19th) and Cuba (37th) adopted the Chinese model.

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