A Tweetstorm could be brewing at Twitter. It is not that Tweetstorm is completely an alien concept on the Twitter landscape though it seems the micro blogging site is contemplating making it an official feature of Twitter.

The recent discovery of tweetstorm being made a Twitter feature by one Devesh Logendran has set rumors on this rolling. Twitter though has refused comment on the above and is not revealing when, if at all it would be officially announced. Worth mentioning, Twitter regularly tests out such features and not all of them eventually get the official badge.

For those who might be groping in the dark, a tweetstorm is basically a string of interconnected tweets that help describe a more elaborate situation or thought. A tweetstorm is also a nice way to share something more lengthy, something that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible given Twitter’s famous 140 character limit.

Making tweetstorm an official Twitter feature will also be beneficial in that the current process is both cumbersome and error prone. While it is just about linking a tweet you make with all the replies that it generates along with all of your subsequent tweets, a wrong reply in between can breaks the chain easily. This in turn will disperse all the interlinked tweets on your timeline, thereby breaking the continuity.

Making tweetstorm a regular feature on Twitter is expected to address the above shortcoming. Users will also find it more convenient to keep track of the developments easily. As it is, tweetstorm is basically used by celebrities or corporates and serves best to make the public aware of some new service or an upcoming event.

A more recent example of the above is when Elon Musk took to Twitter to explain the workings of his newest venture in the form of the Boring Company. The subsequent tweetstorm chose to explain how he wishes to ease the traffic woes of Los Angeles by creating a network of deep set tunnels that drivers can reach out to to get to their destination quickly.

Twitter, in the recent past, had considered doing away with its characteristic 140 character limit, stretching it all the way up to 10,000 characters instead. However, that didn’t work out so that the 140 character limit is still in force.