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Hebek in Washington: Russia’s actions in Ukraine are “hateful”


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Abroad Early visit to Washington

Hebek condemns the “disgusting” Russian attacks and threatens new sanctions

“We are already preparing for the gas pipeline shutdown.”

Sanctions against Russia are being tightened further. Western nations are preparing for possible Russian reactions. Nando Sommerfeldt from the WELT Business Editorial Board talks about the scenario for oil and gas supplies if Putin stops delivering.

Federal Economy Minister Robert Hebeck (Greens) visited Washington. He condemned Russian actions in the Ukraine war and threatened further sanctions. In view of the crisis, Hebeck rejects the long-running operation of nuclear power plants as a source of energy for Germany.

BEconomy Minister Robert Hebek (Greens) accused Russia of carrying out “disgraceful” attacks on Ukrainian citizens and threatened Moscow with new sanctions. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “frustration” and his “regime” seem to be growing, so attacks on civilians are now becoming a means of war, “the deputy said during his inaugural visit to Washington on Tuesday.

This is “something as terrible as war – utterly despicable and certainly not conducive to softening the West in its determination and its actions,” Hebeck said. Europeans and the United States will work in a “new alliance with combined strength.”

Hebek came up with potentially new sanctions against Russia. The sanctions and sanctions already imposed on Russia have already had a “strong impact.” In the case of punitive measures, “the end of the road has not yet been reached”.

Robert Hebeck meets US Trade Representative

Source: dpa / Britta Pedersen

“The Ministries of Finance and their respective governments are exploring the extent to which the next step in the finance sector is feasible and reasonable. We must always be careful not to impose sanctions that we can not afford, “said Hebek.

During his inaugural visit to Washington, Habeb met with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. He is also scheduled to hold talks with US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granhome, US Secretary of State John Clirry and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Hapek returns to Germany on Wednesday.

The long-term opportunity for nuclear power plants is another rejection

During his visit, Habeb reaffirmed that in his view, extending the service life of German nuclear power plants beyond the end of the year was not a prudent option. This is said to be the result of his initial selection. There are various reasons for this.

“One of the main reasons is that these power plants have only one license to operate until the end of 2022, and a new license must be verified for safety reasons,” Hebeck explained. “In Germany this is a precise and strict procedure. I do not think the announcement that ‘then leave it at that and connect to safety-tested nuclear power plants’ is a wise derivative.”

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