Then defended Mariupol: a British warplane was paraded by the Russian media

Then defended Mariupol
The British war veteran march was carried out by the Russian media

A British man was captured defending Mariupol. Like one of his comrades before. He is shown at a Russian military base, weak and emaciated. What does Shawn know about then?

After the capture of the besieged city of Mariupol, a British man fighting for Ukraine was featured on Russian television. This was reported by several British media outlets, including “Guard”. In a video, 48-year-old Shawn later said, “Hi, I’m a British citizen after Shawn. I was captured in Mariupol. I was a member of the 1st Battalion. . “

There is an excerpt from the video “Sun” See. It was part of an interview with Andrei Rudenko, who works closely with Russian state television. An interview with revealed that the interview was broadcast on the Russian Defense Ministry’s “Zvezda” channel.

The Guardian reports that he moved to Ukraine four years ago after joining Bedfordshire and living with his wife in Donbass. A former Royal Anglican Regiment soldier said he was stationed in a trench ten miles outside Mariupol in January. “I am here to protect my family and the country I adopted. Russia started this war. It is funded and run by Russia, but we will fight with them. Do not make yourself a child,” he said later.

Another Britain may have been captured

Pro-Russian channels shared the video on social media: “Shawn is then an English mercenary. He says he no longer wants a war, wants to go home. He will not come home.” It is unclear how the Russians or pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine will handle international prisoners. The date the video was taken and the exact circumstances under which it was captured are not clear.

According to The Guardian, he was the second British soldier to fight for Ukraine. According to reports, Aidan Aslin, 28, of Nottinghamshire, who was then fighting with his friend, is believed to have surrendered to the Russian army last week as he ran out of ammunition in his battalion.

The UK Foreign Office has contacted Aslin’s family and offered their support, the report said. However, the UK’s ability to provide or obtain diplomatic assistance with information on British citizens in Ukraine has been severely limited due to the war.

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