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Theater Owners Reaction – Deadline


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Warner Bros. doesn’t worry. the light.

The studio knew they had the goods in a DC multiverse that brings together Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Michael Shannon’s General Zod, and Sasha Calle’s new Supergirl, and boldly premiered the film here at CinemaCon Las Vegas to a packed house and tons of cheers.

In a box office year that’s already +37% over 2022’s $2.5 billion, exhibitors were already smelling after-the-money after the screen faded to black. More pillars of support here to take 2023 to $9 billion at the US box office.

said View Cinema Boss Tim Richards about it the lightsaid, “I absolutely loved it. It has heart, it has soul. You care about the characters. It’s going to be great. It’s great to see the entire Warner Bros. slate including comics, horror, and DC. Everything our audience so desperately needs.”

“It’s one of the best DC movies ever made,” said a studio exhibitor, echoing early sentiments of DC head James Gunn who declared the Andy Muschietti-directed Ezra Miller title “probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made,” one replays. DC Universe settings.

Kentucky-based showrunner Rick Roman exclaimed, “The audience loved it. I thought it was very good – a lot of humor. Sentimental at the end with some people crying. I love how they brought in Batman to support the Flash. Smart move. The movie will have legs because people will watch it.” More than once “.

To date, the biggest opening for a DC Warner Bros. movie dates back to 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice On a global basis, with 422.5 million dollars, as well as on a domestic basis, with 166 million dollars. The highest-grossing DC movie of all time belongs to the 2018 DC movie Aquaman James Wan at $1.1 billion, followed by R-rated Todd Phillips. joker in 2019 worth $1.07 billion.

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Deadline spoke with AMC CEO Adam Aron before we all sat down the light Tonight in Las Vegas. However, the department boss gloated over its success after Warner Bros. introduced the film. Strong for two hours today.

“I’m excited about the entire list,” he said, teasing that the Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, aims to produce 20 theatrical releases a year.

Aaron said, “This is music to my ears.”

the light It was delayed due to the post-production crunch of the pandemic, but finally saw the light on June 16. During that time, as Zaslav took over the studio reins at newly merged Warner Bros Discovery, the pic’s main star Ezra Miller made headlines with a slew of reported brawls, as well as the theft of liquor at a Vermont neighbor’s home. Apologizing for their behavior, Miller met with newly crowned Warner Bros. presidents Michael De Luca and Bam Abdi to also find success with the studio. The option to send this $200 million production directly to studio Max’s streaming service wasn’t in the cards; Zaslav is a firm believer in downstream theatrical revenue. DC Bosses Gunn and Peter Safran updated the press that Miller was progressing well in January, and the door is still open for a TBD sequel, though one hasn’t been announced yet.

Muschietti today during a press-loaded Warner’s CinemaCon presentation paid tribute to Miller, saying they are “one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with. Every tool in the toolkit… [Miller] He is an incredible comedian, and [has] All the procedures required for a scene as big as this.”

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Despite Miller’s spirited, other filmmakers heralded his work ethic and actor’s talent.

in tiff, Daliland Director Mary Harron told Deadline that Miller “reached my amazement with a complete performance.” The actor even insisted that their lines be in French where applicable.

Aaron told us at the time that Miller is “one of the greatest actors I’ve ever worked with” and he hopes they get the help the actor needs.

Deadline chief film critics Pete Hammond said the following:

. "Professional creator. Lifelong thinker. Reader. Beer buff. Troublemaker. Evil problem solver."

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